Sunday, 24 March 2013

Not Open Justice

Sunday,March 24 2013

Dutch judiciary accidentally 'spread child porn' [sic]

"The Dutch judiciary was on Friday itself facing possible criminal prosecution after it emerged that it had for years inadvertently left the filenames of child pornography on its website.

The scandal erupted after state broadcaster NOS on Thursday reported that some court judgements had not been properly redacted before being published on the website, leaving distinctive filenames visible.

The actual photo and film files could then easily be found [sic] on the Internet using a search engine.

NOS informed the judiciary before the report was broadcast and they "decided to review all published judgements", or around 250,000, Council for the Judiciary spokesman Michiel Boer told AFP.

The overarching Council for the Judiciary is part of the judiciary and its responsibilities include the website.

"We found in total around 80 judgements containing filenames, notably with the extensions .jpg, .mpg or .avi," Boer said, adding that all judgements had now been properly redacted.

Redacting "is a job carried out by people, so these are human errors," Boer said.

The Netherlands judiciary publishes its judgements online since 1999 and the redaction of file names related to child pornography was made mandatory in 2008."

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