Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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March 19, 2013

Teacher escapes prosecution after viewing 'child erotica'

"But four-decade teaching career ends after scandal

A longtime Delray Beach church school teacher "requested immediate retirement" after being confronted with allegations that he used a school computer to peruse websites featuring young girls posing provocatively in underwear and bathing suits.

Although TRs' bosses at Trinity Lutheran School told him his behavior was unacceptable, Delray Beach police said what he did was not a crime.

That's because there is a legal difference between what constitutes child pornography and what doesn't, experts say.

The 65-year-old R had been looking at so-called "child erotica" on Jan. 30, which falls short of criminal activity because it technically isn't child pornography and shows no nudity or sexual activity, detectives found.

R, who taught fifth grade, viewed websites with titles like "100nonudes," "new-little-girls," "legalmodels," and "candydoll1," the police report said.

Two of the computers he used at the school contained adult material and child erotica, "which is not illegal," police said.

Marc Shiner, a West Palm Beach defense attorney, said even though he believes the sites are morally inappropriate, it would be difficult to legislate against pictures of children in which there is no explicit sexual content."

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