Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ooooh, This Should Be Interesting

UK database for sex offences against children

Saturday, it is. 

Addendum (28/3/13; 16:59)

I guess we had better do a little, preparatory, research ...


Jun 5 2011

Paedo campaigner's 'despicable' double life revealed

"An anti-paedophile campaigner who launched Britain’s biggest public ­database to shame convicted ­perverts is a serial THUG.

Chris Wittwer’s website of more than 12,000 sex offenders has been visited more than a million times in the past year.

But the ex-Army chef, 35, was jailed for 10 months this week after he led a 25-strong mob in an attack on four rival football fans in Exeter, Devon. A mum pushing a pram had to shield her child from the melee.

Wittwer, who claims to have been abused as a boy, received a three-year football match ban in 2004 for threatening a rival fan, Exeter Crown Court heard. He was convicted of affray in 2007.

Children’s charity Kidscape last night said his “despicable double life” had “betrayed” parents who backed him."


  1. they didn't name any body, i guess they were scared to name innocent people again......