Saturday, 30 March 2013

May You Find The Peace You Deserve, Richard


26 February 2007

Griffiths: 'I'd Shred Child Sex Offenders'

"Picture: Richard Griffiths UK Premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' held at the Odeon Leicester Square London, England - 03.07.07

Veteran British actor Richard Griffiths would kill all paedophiles [sic] in a tree shredder if he had his way. The WITHNAIL + I star believes his ghastly method of capital punishment would deter other would-be child sex offenders. He says, "I'd feed all paedophiles [sic] into a tree shredder. One minute... and anything left the police can have.""

Friday, 23 November, 2012

And they say WE are nasty!

"In fact this Dick Dastardly turns out to be a serial offender. On another occasion, he reportedly said:

"Now, me, paedophiles [sic], if it was left to me, I would hurt them so much it would upset and shock everybody in the country. I can think of really nasty things that I would like to see done to them. And I wouldn’t care if it didn’t change their behaviour – it would just certainly put them on notice that if you do this, you will have your skin removed, you will be made to go around to do really painful things before you’re allowed to die.""

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