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Such Is 'Justice'

01/27/2013 12:09 PM

The Azov Films secret mass arrest conspiracy in the USA - when police secretly redefine law

"What would you think if you did something that appeared to be perfectly legal, only to find yourself, two years later, being raided, handcuffed, denied bail, denounced as a freak in your hometown newspaper, and threatened with five to twenty years in prison? What if, to your total shock, the reason for all this turns out to be that prosecutors had decided to aggressively reinterpret an existing law, one that lawyers had stated you would not be breaking? What would you think if there were dozens of cases like yours, and yet the authorities involved were making every possible effort to keep you and the public from finding out them and about their true nature?

This has, in fact, happened to 30 men we know of so far in the U.S. and to at least another 31 in two other countries, Spain and Canada. They may only be the tip of the iceberg. In a small minority of the known cases, police searches in homes disclosed that the men involved had also committed real criminal activities involving children or conventionally defined pornography and would normally be imprisoned – notwithstanding, in this case, the ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ doctrine (the doctrine that criminal acts disclosed through an invalid search cannot be prosecuted). Most of the men, though, had done nothing normally recognized as illegal; they had simply blundered into an area where certain authorities decided to change, without warning, the working criteria for defining a legal offense."

Posted on Dec 22, 2012 11:24am PST

Azov Film Production - A debate between "naturalist" photos and child porn.

"A debate between "naturalist" photos and child porn.

A few years ago, Federal agents raided and closed Azov Film Company in Canada. Azov was well-known in the porn business as a distributer of "nearly-porn" movies of your Crimean boys wrestling and frolicking together. The idea was that if the movies were not "sexual" than they would not be kiddie-porn. The videos were referenced in the on-line boy porn chat rooms as "naturalist" videos and not as pornographic. Well the Feds have disagreed." 

Posted 02 April 2013 - 11:39 PM

Astonishing Smear Campaign against Dr. Richard Keller in Boston Azov Films-Operation Spade suspect subjected to police innuendo

February 5, 2013



Azov Films Prosecutions

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