Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why The PCC Is Soon To Be Defunct (Thankfully)

2:11PM GMT 26 Mar 2013

Julie Burchill entitled to 'offend' transsexuals, press watchdog rules

"Julie Burchill was entitled to write a controversial article about transsexuals because she was expressing her opinion, the Press Complaints Commission has ruled.

Burchill, pictured, launched the attack in defence of her friend and fellow writer Suzanne Moore.

The newspaper watchdog rejected claims that the columnist's description of transgender people as "d**** in chicks' clothing" and “a bunch of bed-wetters in bad wigs” was inaccurate or misleading.

It was “clear” from the tone of the article that Miss Burchill was using the phrases to voice her views, the regulator said, adding that the comments were "clearly distinguished from fact"

The article did not breach the PCC’s rules on discrimination because Miss Burchill did not single out any individuals, but referred “to transgender people generally", a ruling by the watchdog said."



Few support freedom of speech, as much as we do, but, it is such inconsistencies, in logic, interpretation and decision (this stems from the PCC's media-protecting 'Code of Practice'), which has led to their downfall.

In doing so, due to their past ineffectiveness (in particular, against bullying, corrupt, lying and dangerous 'journalists'), this has led to the post-Leveson cull, which the media are now whining about; the PCC is, predominantly, the media and their associates.

Get them out, as soon as is possible, so that a consistent, agreed and evidenced-based approach may be adopted.


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