Monday, 4 March 2013

Pornography Doesn't So Much Give Men Bad [sic] Ideas ...

Last updated 11:51 04/03/2013

Porn identity: the science of sex

"Many strangers give Dr William Struthers a quizzical look when he tells them what he does for a living. Some women even turn their eyes away in embarrassment.

The American biopsychologist studies sexual arousal, but specifically what parts of the human brain light up, and what chemicals are unleashed, when people watch porn.

Neuroscience has not only confirmed the old adage that 90 per cent of sex is in the mind - the brain being the control switch for arousal and orgasm - but its research results have become ammunition in the combat zone that is the pornography debate."

""Twenty years ago most men would never have even thought of ejaculating on their partner's face: now it's almost a sexual norm ..." [hahahahahahahaha]

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