Friday, 15 March 2013

Our Sincere Condolences

The untimely death, of Ayden Olson, has been drawn to our attention,

Any death is a sorrowful and devastating occasion; for one so young, it is doubly-so.

Our thoughts are with Ayden's family and friends, at this time.

The OSC 


Published: 13 hrs ago (17/3/13:13:22)

'I knew it was too late but I hugged him like a baby and tried to scream it away'

"Says Sun Justice Campaigner Shy Keenan on agony of her 14-year-old son's suicide"

PUBLISHED: 09:48, 17 March 2013 | UPDATED: 10:29, 17 March 2013

'I sat there hugging him. I cannot bear to think that I will never laugh with him again': Agony of child abuse campaigner Shy Keenan whose bullied teenage son killed himself after years of torment 

"A leading campaigner against child abuse says she blames herself for her teenage son's suicide, because she 'couldn't win' against school bullies."

8:13am Wednesday 27th March 2013

In today's Gazette: My Ayden's death was a hate crime 

"Shy Keenan believes Ayden Olson, 14, took an overdose after being bullied at Philip Morant School in Colchester. She was police to launch a criminal investigation."

Published: 5 hrs ago (31/3/13; 21:50)

Police to probe the death of Shy's lad

"THE funeral of Sun columnist Shy Keenan's son takes place this week — as police mount a "hate crime" probe into the teenager's death.

Ayden Olson, 14, was found dead in his bedroom on March 14 after battling bullies at school.

Shy, 50, The Sun's Justice Campaigner, said the lad had been picked on for about three years."

Published: 27 minutes ago

The last song Ayden and I sang together was Perfect by Pink...I will love and be haunted by it forever Mum's loving tribute to tragic son

"AYDEN OLSON, the 14-year-old son of Sun Justice Campaigner Shy Keenan, tragically took his own life three weeks ago after suffering relentless bullying.

His funeral will be on Wednesday close to his home near Colchester, Essex.

Here, his mother pays her own poignant tribute to her son."

Shy Keenan's anti-bullying campaign

Stop child torment

Bullying Suicides: Parents Call For New Law

Ayden's Law website launched to prompt change

Campaign launched in memory of Ayden 

You can help make school bullying illegal by supporting Ayden's Law

Shy Keenan Talks About the Loss of Her Son Ayden and Ayden's Law

Kids aren't even safe at home now because of social networking 


What is Ayden’s Law?

"On 14 March 2013, 14 year old Ayden Olson took his own life. He'd been bullied to death. Tragically, Ayden's name is only the latest to be added to a growing list. But while the victims themselves may have found peace, their families are left behind, scarred forever by the agony of losing a child.

Ayden's Law is a campaign on behalf of all those young people, their families and any child or young person being bullied today.

BeatBullying, The Sun, and families of chilren like Ayden are calling on the Prime Minister to take action. We want to call a summit with him and relevant ministers to discuss how we can prevent any more tragedies — and the creation of Ayden's Law, a new children's anti-bullying bill designed to stop bullying in our society once and for all. "



May 7 2013

Making Bullying Illegal: Why I Can’t Support Ayden’s Law

"I'm not saying that bullying is a trivial matter. It's not. I reiterate that bullying is unacceptable. But falling out with each other and learning to how to behave when this happens is healthy. This isn't bullying and is all too often termed as such. If such natural and constructive behaviour is stigmatised and criminalised we are standing in the way of our childrens development."

Published: 28th May 2013   

I beat the bullies... because I live in America


New steps towards bully-free schools


Ayden’s Law – The Telegraph


15th November 2013, 07:55

Colchester: Inquest Into Schoolboy's Death

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