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Feminist Creation Of Value

March 17th, 2011 at 10:30 am

The Sex Offender’s Register and the Feminist Creation of Value

"The deepest evil that feminism commits, is not the discrepancies in sentencing that men and women receive in the courts, manifold and heinous though these unquestionably are. Rather, it is the creation by feminists of the set of values and priorities that define the very essence of our ’civilisation’ itself. Equal injustice is no justice for men, and the true rape of the male stems not from double standards and unfairness in the court room, but from the ability of feminism to shape even morality into its own selfish sexual image.

Consider the sex offender’s register, and the primacy we give as a society to sex crimes above all others. Why is there no violent offender’s register? Such a register would cover violent sex offenders as well as other violent criminals. Why is a sexually incompetant man, caught exposing himself to an old lady in the park, any more reprehensible and in need of branding than a man who mugs and beats that old lady for her wallet? It is not because non-violent sex offenders are any more recidivist than a burglar or a mugger is (in fact, they are less likely to re-offend). No, it is because it is in the interests of women for a feminist society to reifie and strictly control something as natural as the male sexual urge, and to give moral primacy to sex rather than violence, just as all primitive societies do."

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