Monday, 16 July 2012

87% (97%, Actually) Did Not

PUBLISHED: 22:57, 15 July 2012 | UPDATED: 09:10, 16 July 2012

More than 400 sex offenders freed to rape: Soft justice anger over the sexual predators [sic] who strike again

"The shocking [expected] figures expose the staggering extent of reoffending by sexual predators [sic] across the country.

Worryingly, the number of sex attackers [sic] who go on to strike again has risen sharply in recent years – as has the number of rapists let loose without serving even half of their jail term.

Conservative MP Priti Patel said: ‘These are disturbing figures that show too many dangerous criminals [sic] are being let off the hook and allowed to reoffend over and over again [sic].

‘The priority for the Government must be to ensure that these prolific offenders are locked up to keep the public safe.’

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘Public protection is our priority and we are determined to have the best possible systems in place to supervise offenders in the community. Those who commit such abhorrent crimes will be returned to prison and face a lengthy sentence.

‘In the vast majority of cases, the probation service and police work together successfully to reduce the risk of serious further offending, but unfortunately risk can never be eliminated entirely.’"

More than 400 freed sex offenders went on to commit rape in the last three years

Freed sex offenders 'raped again'

400 sex offenders carried out rapes after release



Do any of you really believe those are the reasons for the increase in convictions?


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