Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Always Has Been, Just More Money In It Now

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being a "victim": the new free pass to victimize others

"6/2/2012: Patrick Drum murders two registered citizens in Washington. He widows two wives, orphans five children, two under the age of three, and rips away the last living family member (and caretaker) of an elderly senior citizen. Read about it: "Clallam County prosecutor: “Vigilantism has no part in a civilized society and will not be tolerated by law enforcement or prosecutors in this county,"

7/5/2012: A $600,000 settlement and 30 years later, self-proclaimed sexual abuse victim William Lynch enters a senior citizen care facility and savagely beats the 69-year-old alleged abuser. A jury acquits him of all charges. Read about it: Vigilante attack on elderly man described as "a rapist" with no proof unpunished and cheered by the public

7/17/2012: Sentencing begins for Robert Pascale, who along with Michael Garay, gruesomely beat 78-year-old Hugh Edwards to death in his own home, because they thought he was a "child molester." Read about it: Elderly man murdered "for the victims

There's a new trend now. Instead of being carried out by thuggish young men with supposed interests in child safety, or middle-aged supposed sexual abuse victims looking for revenge, a different type of vigilante martyr is emerging: the young, pretty female rape survivor. Meet the new face: Savannah Dietrich gets away with breaking the law and putting others in danger, simply because she's pretty and endured sexual assault.

It's almost the perfect, untouchable strategy. It appeals to so many: other survivors victims, anyone with a loved one who has been violated, people who wouldn't typically even be overly interested in the subject but whose good intentions are exploited by the slanted portrayal of a blatant, calculated choice to not only evade the law, but to cause harm to others. It's all okay, though, since she was raped."

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