Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Believing That, Was Your Big Mistake, Mr Ansara

9 July 2012, 4:54pm

Newspaper declines to apologise for terminology in intersex story

"The People newspaper has said there is no difference between the term “hermaphrodite” and “intersex” – and therefore has not apologised for its substitution of the h-word in a story last month.

Fair and accurate reporting standards in both journalism and psychology stress the importance of referring to people using the gender and sex-related terms they use about themselves. While people should be free to identify as they wish, imposing pathologising or sensationalist terminology like ‘hermaphrodite’ or ‘DSD’ on people compounds the societal stigma and discrimination they often face.

Responsible journalism means keeping up with current standards. Journalistic ethics require that authors and editors take care not to reinforce societal inequities through discriminatory reporting.”"


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