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First, Formal, Case of TPP Disinformation Noted

10 Jul 2012

Ground breaking Internet security [sic] for families launched by Claranet Soho

"89% of parents are looking for protection against hackers, viruses, cyber-bullying, pornography and cyber-predators

A new Internet security system that requires no technical or installation knowledge, has been launched by Claranet Soho, positioning the ISP alongside TalkTalk in offering an opt-in, network-level filtering service for its customers ...."

"Shy Keenan and Dr Sara Payne MBE, from the Phoenix Chief Advocates Consultancy, have recently [sic] co-founded the self-help victim advocacy group [sic] (

Dr Sara Payne MBE states: "When I am walking down the high street with my children, we do not hold up placards of our personal photographs and nor are we exposed to shop fronts or images that are sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate for children ..."

Protected: Ground breaking Internet security for families launched by Claranet Soho



The OSC notes the first 'external' use of disinformation, regarding Ms Payne's honorary award (title incorrect, by OU definition). It suggests expertise and authority which does not exist.

On behalf of The OSC, Dr Oldfield has contacted the Open University, for clarification:


Re: 'Dr' Sara Payne

12 Jul (3 days ago)

Dear Sir or Madam,


 "We consent for you to cut & paste what we post here in our joint capacity as awarded victims advocates – The Phoenix Chief Advocates Shy Keenan & Dr Sara Payne MBE from The Phoenix"

Does the University support, ratify or agree with Ms Payne using the academic title 'Dr' in her business and advocacy work?

If so, I am sure you will be aware how much this slackness belittles those who have actually earned such titles, and will, certainly, lead to professional confusions, in this case.


Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield.


The OSC.

Addendum (17/07/2012)

The Phoenix Post

21 hours ago

"Once we are up, running and sponsored we will be training 50 new advocates from across the UK - S&S"



Trained to do what?

Based on what qualifications and expertise?

Fraudulent titles, unaccounted-for donations, disinformation, personal attacks and a nice swimming pool?


Addendum (8/08/2012)
12:13 (20 minutes ago)

Dear Dr Oldfield

Thank you for your email.

We are pleased to confirm that Sara Payne received an Honorary Doctorate (DUniv) from The Open University in June 2012 and is therefore entitled to be addressed as 'Doctor'. We do not have any further opinion to express on her using the title ‘Dr’ in her business and advocacy work.

Jane Sheppard
Ceremonies Manager
Centre for Qualifications and Ceremonies
01908 653003


Nigel Oldfield
12:26 (8 minutes ago)
to acc-gen

Dear Ms Sheppard,

Then your institution is a disgrace to the academic community, but, that was clear, already, by the very award.

If Ms Payne uses the title 'Dr', fraudulently, in *any* professional/expertise manner, your institution will be noted as supporting such false standing.

Thank you for your response.


Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield.

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