Monday, 16 July 2012

No More Toot Toot - The End Is Nigh

Published on Wednesday 11 July 2012 12:00

Da Vinci rapist protester charged over alleged online threats

"A DA VINCI rapist protester has been charged after allegedly posting threatening comments online.

The man was handcuffed and led away by police ahead of Monday night’s march demanding the removal of Robert Greens from his 
Midlothian home.

It follows officers visiting a young woman in Dalkeith to ask her to take down a website relating to an alleged sex offender last weekend.

Protest organiser Kelly Parry said: “The police were very heavy-handed in arresting this man. We don’t want to become the targets in all this and that is why we have repeatedly told those taking part to do so peacefully [we will see the lies, in that, later]

“We have been policing this ourselves [sic], deleting numerous comments posted to our online group due to threats of physical violence and inciting 

“Most of what is posted is quite positive [sic] but people need to be aware that posting threatening comments could result in police becoming involved.

“There is a level of anger and frustration within the local community at the lack of action [sic] on the part of authorities.”

“I am also concerned that innocent people may be put at risk as a result of inappropriate behaviour arising during demonstrations.

“Under Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Mappa), police, along with the local authority and NHS, have a statutory responsibility to manage sex offenders on their return to the 

“Robert Greens is from Midlothian, which means he must be managed here."

“It’s not possible to make long term arrangements for him to be housed elsewhere, and we would continue to appeal to people to remain calm, and to work with all of the partners involved in Mappa for the benefit of the wider community.”

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Midlothian rape vigilantes are not helping women

"Trying to move Robert Greens elsewhere perpetuates the myth that women are best protected by keeping nasty strangers away

As a feminist activist who has been campaigning all of my adult life against sexual violence, the idea of hundreds of impassioned folk marching the streets in protest about rape is my idea of heaven. But the demonstrations that have been taking place in Midlothian, Scotland, trouble rather than please me.

A makeshift campsite and a portable toilet has been erected, and the police are investigating allegations of criminal damage on the property. In a show of classic nimbyism, the protesters are demanding that Greens be moved to another location. A number of the campaigners are refusing to pay rent or council tax to Midlothian council if Greens is not moved.

"We just can't stand by and have this monster live near to us," one demonstrator told a reporter. "There are many young girls around here who are just too scared to go out on their own."

One of the problems with the hysteria around Greens is that it is based on the belief that "real rape" is committed by strangers carrying knives, and that they are born rapists and will die rapists. In viewing sex offenders as monsters, as Greens has been labelled by the protesters, is to skew the reality of what rape is – an ordinary, commonplace act often perpetuated by nice respectable men in suits who live with us, not just close by.

The large police presence that accompanied the crowd to Greens' home, where marchers chanted behind metal barriers, and the officers on permanent duty outside Greens home would better serve the public by preventing further attacks on women. Demonstrations such as those against Greens help perpetuate the myth that the only way to keep women and children safe is to publicise the addresses of all known sex offenders and send them off to live on a desert island. But we would do better to find ways to improve the criminal justice system's response to rape so that men are deterred by the fear of actually going to prison if they commit such crimes.

Focusing our energies on crimes such as that committed by Greens can lead us to believe the most dangerous myth of all – that only nasty strangers pose a danger to women. Vigilantism is a poor form of justice. Those protesters marching through Midlothian would do a better service if they started asking why most rapists never spend one day in prison."

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