Monday, 16 July 2012

"We Had A Tip-Off"/"A Source Said"

Date - 16th July 2012

Officers 'Are Falling Foul Of Computer Misuse'

"Police Federation issues warning after reporting that it has been assisting in a "worrying numbers" of cases.

There are a worrying number of “nosy” West Yorkshire Police officers falling foul of computer misuse in the force, the federation warned last week.

Jon Christopher, Discipline Leader and Vice Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said the organisation currently has more than 40 live cases of this type looking into officers’ conduct.

In pointing out that this was far too many, he sent a direct message to fellow officers in the force: “Please don’t allow yourself to be the next one.”

Mr Christopher said everyone “should be aware of their obligations and personal responsibilities in the use of the force’s computer systems”.

He added: “Despite all the previous warnings that have been given via the force and West Yorkshire Police Federation as a result of misconduct proceedings taken against colleagues, there are still a worrying number of officers falling foul of computer misuse."

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