Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Even The Police Stooges Are Goading Him - Looks Like A Plan To Us

4 July 2012 14:13 BST

Robert Greens 'made threats to police about committing more crimes'

"Police solicitor Andy McGlone asked Sheriff Isabella McColl to ignore Greens’ concerns, saying they needed to have the Sopo to protect the public.

He said: "He has contacted the police and the social work department at Midlothian Council to tell them about how he fears that he will re-offend. The police have on occasion attended at his home to talk him down and dissuade him not to commit more offences.

"The trigger factors for re-offending are present - he is currently experiencing feelings of rage, loss of control and feelings of humilation. He is angered by the constant presence of 60 odd protestors outside his home. [No Shit Sherlock !!!] I would ask your ladyship to extend the order. It is necessary to maintain public order and safety." [No, YOU maintain public order and safety by dealing with THE CAUSE].

Da Vinci rapist made threats to police that he may re-offend

Robert Greens to find out whether restriction order will be extended

Rosslyn rapist Robert Greens threatens to reoffend, a court hears

Da Vinci rapist: I’ll strike again



Get Robert Greens out Midlothian 

Imagine that many people were outside your home, 24 hours per day (plus the 'toots', creeping around your back garden etc), shouting, "you f*****g thick/ignorant/fat, Scottish/Exeter t***s".

How would you feel, what would you do and what would you expect to happen?

We know, we too, cannot understand why it has not happened; even though we have reported the criminal activities to the police.

We are not going to waste our time, today, telling you why most of that would be correct, but think on it.


Addendum (

The sad, sorry, sound of inevitability ...  

27 February 2013 Last updated at 13:31

Rosslyn rapist Robert Greens sent back to jail

"Robert Greens Robert Greens served seven years in prison for raping a student near Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn rapist Robert Greens has been ordered to serve another year of his original jail sentence after breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Greens, 35, was seen in the Midlothian town of Penicuik on 24 October, in breach of the order, which banned him from going there.

He was returned to jail by the same judge who sentenced him in 2006 for the rape of a 19-year-old Dutch student.

Greens was released early last year on strict conditions.

He was sent back to jail because he was still in his licence period when he made the breach.

A planned trial was halted when Green admitted the SOPO breach - which carries a possible maximum sentence of five years, in addition to the 12 months imposed on Wednesday."

So it goes.

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