Thursday, 26 July 2012

So, There Is No Problem, Then

Jul 25 2012

Sex offenders scandal [sic] as beasts [offensive and inflammatory]manage to beat register [sic] by paying just £40 for new ID

"AT least 37 sex offenders in Scotland have used a legal loophole [sic] to change their names – making a mockery of the sex offenders register [sic].

A Daily Record investigation has discovered it is perfectly legal, and extremely easy, for paedophiles and rapists to change their names.

They can then use their new identities to avoid monitoring by the authorities [sic].

The 37 cases we have uncovered all involve name-changing offenders who were discovered by the police.

Many more may have taken on new identities without anyone knowing, and could now be roaming the streets [sic] unchecked.[sic]

With those documents in place, his entire history effectively disappears [sic] – unless someone happens to realise who he really is [sic].

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “The Sexual Offences Act 2003 requires registered sex offenders to inform police of any and all names they may use.

“Law enforcement agencies are working more closely together than ever before to assess and monitor convicted sex offenders, and now have tougher powers than ever before to manage these individuals upon release.

“A full risk assessment is carried out and enforcement agencies have a range of measures they can deploy for high-risk offenders.

“Measures include surveillance, electronic tagging, curfews, and prohibitions on where convicted sex offenders can go and who they contact.”"

Sex offenders scandal as beasts manage to beat register by paying just £40 for new ID

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