Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Offer Gold, Get Gold Diggers

07/31/2012 06:41

30 suspected pedophiles [sic] arrested in massive sting

"Police pose as 10-year-olds in chat rooms to get to suspects; senior officers: We're startled by scope of threat.

Head central investigations Dep.-Cmdr. Moti Aderi

Some 30 suspected pedophiles were arrested in early morning raids across the country on Tuesday, in the largest police operation against alleged sex offenders to date.

The arrests came after officers from the computer crimes unit of the central police district posed as a young girl and a young boy on popular chat forums, attracting the attention of suspects who lurked on the sites and preyed on minors.

After getting their targets to enter personal one-to-one chats, the suspects made phone contact, and were answered by an undercover female officer pretending to be a child.

Police were shocked at the ease with which innocent online conversations quickly became perversely sexual. In some cases, suspects carried out lewd acts on web cameras, and encouraged sexual acts on the part of the children they believed they were talking to."

FBI: Tennessee doctor arrested after driving to Georgia to have sex with child

Video: British pub landlord from Stockport caught in US teen sex sting


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