Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Another Fading Politician Plays The Paedocard

Published: 24th July 2012

Parents must know if padeos [sic] are on prowl [sic]

"Plea ... Naughten

PARENTS should be told if child sex pervs live near them, a TD has insisted.

Independent Denis Naughten wants cops to notify folks of twisted [sic] paedos [sic] living locally.

And he’s drawn up new rules to see this happen. He said: “The law in this country must be changed to allow parents to find out if a paedophile [sic] is living in their community.”

Deputy Naughten also wants convicted sex offenders to be tagged, claiming there were nearly 2,400 sexual offences in 2011.

He said his proposals were modelled on Sarah’s Law [sic] in the UK after Sarah Payne, eight, was brutally murdered in 2000 by sex fiend Roy Whiting.

Mr Naughten said: “This Bill, while taking a similar approach to Sarah’s Law [sic], restricts the right to make requests for disclosure to parents and guardians of a child or vulnerable adult who can show reason for disclosure.”

Mr Naughten’s call also follows reports last week that gardai have launched a probe into a suspected organised child sex ring in Donegal."


Denis Naughten loses Fine Gael whip over Roscommon Hospital vote

"FINE GAEL TD Denis Naughten has lost the party whip for voting against the party in last night’s motions on cuts to emergency services at Roscommon Hospital. Last night’s Dáil vote left two TDs defending their voting decisions."

"He was re-elected at the 2011 general election. He voted against the government's decision to close the Roscommon County Hospital emergency department on 6 July 2011.[4][5] He lost the Fine Gael party whip the following day.[2][6]"

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