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Nov. 11, 2011

Did Grief Turn Loving Mom Into Sex Offender?

"Kevin and Linda Lusk were high school sweethearts who reconnected and married 15 years later. Kevin Lusk said he stands by his wife, despite the small town sex scandal linking her and a teenage boy.

In April, 2010, the small town was suddenly rocked by a rumor that Frank's son Bubba, then 14, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Linda Lusk -- a relationship that the teenager alleges culminated in oral sex.

Bubba didn't deny the rumors. In fact, the teen bragged about it to his friends.

Lusk, he would later tell "20/20," didn't take advantage of him.

"I basically knew what I was doing," he said.

His mother, Heidi Frank, saw it differently.

"In my eyes, I still, as a mother, see a vulnerable 14-year-old child," she said."

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