Sunday, 29 July 2012

Braveheart Breeds Violence - Canna' Take Away Our Freedom !!!

Jul 29 2012

Rape, violence and jailbreaks: what inmates can watch on prison DVDs

"Movies showing graphic rape scenes, brutal violence and jailbreaks are available to inmates at a Welsh prison holding hundreds of sex offenders, Wales on Sunday can today reveal.

Prisoners held at HMP Usk in Monmouthshire have access to a library of 550 DVDs – including gruesome horror flicks and movies showing sexual violence and the seedy criminal underworld of gangs and drugs.

The selection has been condemned as “completely and utterly inappropriate” by a prisons experts and leading politicians.

Among the library of DVDs available to inmates are gory 18-rated horror films The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal and crime thriller The Bank Job – about a major bank robbery.

Cons at the prison – which mainly holds sex offenders – can also access 1991 fugitive thriller Thelma & Louise, which features a scene showing an attempted rape, and box office hit Deliverance, which features a notorious male rape scene."

Jail bosses give sex-fiend [sic] inmates rape [sic] DVDs to watch

Inmates [sic] can watch rape and jailbreak films in prison DVD collection 



Better get rid of the Bibles, then.


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