Sunday, 15 July 2012

ICAC - Like CEOP, But Even More Useless And Expensive

Published: Today at 02:25

Top cop’s fight to nail perverts

"HQ ... Williams and Det Sgt Moran outside Interpol's office in Lyon, France

HUNDREDS of perverts [offensive and inflammatory] across Ireland are logging on to child porn sites every day [no they are not] and the number of cyber paedophiles [sic] is increasing all the time, an Irish Sun probe [only one thing worse than a Sun Probe, that is an Irish Sun Probe] can reveal [old news].

It is now estimated [how?] that thousands of Irish people regularly view and share stomachchurning images of children being raped online [sic].

In the past 12 years gardai have identified more than 1,000 men who were involved in the distribution of sick videos and pictures of kids on the internet.

The innocent victims in the depraved images range in age from BABIES a few months old to prepubescent children.

And across the globe the web has enabled millions of secret paedophiles [sic] to indulge their twisted [sic] fantasies [noted] in the hope of never being caught.

But a tough Irish cop [sic] is leading a worldwide war [sic] against the faceless degenerates [offensive and inflammatory] who have made child abuse [sic] a billion euro industry [BS of the highest order, but it is The Sun]."

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