Saturday, 14 July 2012

Right To Family Life

Dangerous [sic] sex offender banned from having 'one night stands'

10:30am Friday 13th July 2012 in News By Court Reporter

"A judge has banned a dangerous [sic] sex offender from having "one-night-stands" because of his violent history towards women.

RF, 41, from New Road, Croxley Green, was told by Judge John Plumstead that he must refuse any "offers on a plate" as unsuspecting women would not be aware of his background.

The restrictions on his future relationships were put in place after F appeared in St Albans crown court this week for failing to notify police of a change of address which he was required to do because his name was on the sex offenders register and he was also the subject of a Sexual Offence Prevention Order.

"He is not allowed to take advantage of a one night stand offered on a plate by someone who doesn't know his background. He is not allowed to form relationships until probation know who with. The choice is that or jail - hard luck."

"If he enters a relationship where there are already children, the public duty will be to inform the children's family and schools so that appropriate steps can be taken to safeguard them."

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