Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mr Beresford's Cognitive Distortions

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mole Valley MP's child abuse law comes into force

""A LEGAL loophole [sic] which allowed abusive parents to evade justice has been closed by Mole Valley's MP.

Two years ago Sir Paul Beresford put forward a Private Members' Bill to stop abusers escaping punishment by claiming ignorance – and the law came into force on Monday.

Under the old legislation, parents or guardians could deny knowledge of how children came to be injured – or simply blame each other – and legal action could not be taken unless courts could prove which person had caused the injuries.

In cases of child deaths, the law said legal guardians were jointly responsible, so could both be prosecuted even if evidence could not be found to prove which of them caused injuries, and that law has now been extended to non-fatal cases.

Sir Paul told the Advertiser: "I've [sic] now changed it so it says 'death and physical harm', and anyone who knows about it is as much to blame about it than the person doing it."

Last week the Advertiser reported on another Private Members' Bill put forward by Sir Paul, which would allow prison authorities to jam signals to stop inmates using mobile phones.

The MP told the Advertiser he also plans to propose a law blocking mobile phone signals in schools, and another amending current laws on written child pornography."



The policeman's friend has been quiet, recently, but, we see he is still at it.


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