Saturday, 7 July 2012

Silently, Secretly And Safely, Behind Closed Doors

6 July 2012

Prosecuting internet sex offences under old laws

"When Parliament was in the process of considering the Criminal Justice and Immigration bill in 2008, various interest and pressure groups lobbied in the hope that their particular concern or hobbyhorse would be considered for inclusion in the bill. Among them was Kent Constabulary, who expressed the concern that there appeared to be a lacuna in the existing law that needed to be filled by the new Act.

Their concern was that sex offenders [sic] were engaging in communication as individuals or in groups in online internet chatrooms, and were expressing their fantasies in conversations with others who shared their interests. These conversations were then being stored and exchanged or shared in the form of chatroom logs. These logs were created automatically by the computers used in this communication. Such activity is almost impossible to police, even if the subject is on the Sex Offender Register, and subject to monitoring by the multi-agency public protection arrangements team (MAPPA). This activity is conducted silently, and secretly behind closed doors.

Kent’s concern was that this activity was potentially dangerous [sic], feeding [sic] an interest [sic] in and an unhealthy [sic] and unnatural desire [sic] for inappropriate sexual contact with children."

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Man pleads guilty to an obscene private online chat after being offered a lenient sentence

"Obscene Private Chat...Extending OPA to private internet chat

So if the authorities want to invent a new angle to a law they prosecute someone, offer a lenient sentence for pleading guilty, then take the inevitable successful prosecution as justification for an extended law."

Pervert GS guilty in landmark internet case

Thursday, 26 July 2012

No words were harmed in writing this article

"Therefore a person using the internet to privately discuss intimate sexual fantasies with other individuals regarding activities which are legal to perform in real-life such as fisting, may find themselves subject to criminal charges."

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