Sunday, 15 July 2012

Undesirable One Party

Sunday 15 July 2012

Facebook photographs of teens at disco causes parental worry

"Parental worry over Facebook pictures

A COUNTY Limerick mother of three has criticised a county disco for posting photographs of under-age disco-goers on Facebook.

“They have no parental consent to take the photographs in the first place,” she pointed out, “and they have no parental consent to post them on Facebook.”

“What they are doing,” she told the Limerick Leader this week, “is contrary to good child protection policy.”

The woman, who does not want her name used, became aware of the Facebook photographs after her own daughters attended the disco which was billed as an after-Junior Cert disco for 12 to 18 year olds. She was appalled by some of the 400 or so photographs she found on the disco’s website. But her main concern revolved around the issues of consent and child protection.

She told the Limerick Leader that many of the photographs were “tagged”, which carried the risk that undesirable third parties could potentially get access to the minors’ own Facebook pages."

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