Sunday, 1 July 2012

For Chris, And Please Pass This To Your New Friends

Robert Greens – Brutal rapist in Midlothian



(1) As far as the locals should be concerned, Mr Greens has served his time and enjoys the same rights, as they do, to peace and safety, wherever he chooses to live,

(2) Mr Greens is now an innocent member of their community, once again.

(3) As such, Mr Greens has the same right to protection, as they do (in fact, more so, as he is now a vulnerable person),

(4) Mr Greens has been repeatedly-harassed. There have been Breaches of the Peace, damage to property and it is quite obvious, that Mr Greens is suffering alarm, annoyance and disturbance (as are those around him and elsewhere); these are all illegal, under Scots law,

(5) We believe in the right to peaceful demonstration - for a reasonable time,

(6) That time has now passed,

(7)  If we were involved, we would ensure the prosecution of a number of these simpleton, violent, thugs, by having them arrested for Breach of the Peace. The maximum punishment if a case is remitted to the High Court is imprisonment for life. You will see, under Scots law, the offence threshold has already been crossed, many times:

(a)  The Scots Law definition of a Breach of the Peace is "conduct severe enough to cause alarm to ordinary people and threaten serious disturbance to the community".

(b) To prove a Breach of the Peace the most important things to prove is that someone was Alarmed, Annoyed or Disturbed by the incident. This offence can take place anywhere i.e. a house, a public street, a private office or any public space,
(8) The authorities are now, clearly, scaling up, for this to be made operational,

(9) It may be the case, that Mr Greens will be moved,

(10) That will be a case of mob rule and it will not be tolerated, again, by the local and national authorities (let alone the fact, in real terms, the 'problem' still exists),

(11) Listen to some of the wiser posters, on their forum, not the simpletons,

(12) So, take our experienced advice. Accept that the locals have made their point, clearly, and put an end to this harassment. If not, it can only end in more tears, or worse; and it will not be to Mr Greens.


Sunday 1 July 2012 00:00

Moral dilemmas as protests continue over Da Vinci rapist

“There is no easy solution; the balancing of all of those interests – public protection, the community’s right to be appalled at what has been done to it,” Kelly says. “But if you look at the future and want to have some kind of mature debate, offenders must leave jail and they must be able to be housed somewhere, and the best chance of there being a reduced rate of offending is if they are rehabilitated within their own community.”

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