Sunday, 1 July 2012

Like Fish In A Barrel - As We Said

Published: Today at 01:12

Noon on Thursday ... every green dot on this map is a paedo [sic] accessing child porn (and the cops are on to them)

"THURSDAY at noon, and flashing green dots on a computer map of the UK reveal paedophiles [sic] sharing child abuse images [sic] online.

Detectives monitoring the perverts [offensive] three days ago believe the numbers are low because it’s hot outside.

One expert, Andy Morling, says: “Sometimes this map is covered with hundreds of dots, you’d be surprised how many.”

Each one represents a pervert [offensive] viewing pictures of children suffering horrific ordeals [sic].

The paedos [sic] — usually white males aged 19 to 45 — think they are beyond detection as they log on to various websites [sic] and chatrooms [sic]. But they are wrong."

"Mr Davies has been angered by cases in which light jail terms, sometimes of just a few months, were handed to offenders with thousands of child abuse images."

He points out: “Around 55 per cent of people who view IIOCs go on to commit child abuse [BS, and you know it].""



So where is the news?

By-the-way, as you well know, you are only catching a few innocuous newbies. The Real McCoys are always avoiding you and in front of you - again, as you well know.

Peter, disinformation and lies, and vacuous and dangerous emotional blackmail techniques, have not worked (except to kill and destroy), try to think a little harder and more effectively - if you are able. The sorry fact that you are still working with The Sun, should suggest to most rational people (bearing in mind present and recent events), what they need to know about your ethics and veracity.


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