Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Matter Of Time, Win Or Lose, The Truth Will Out

September 1, 2013

What a Starr! – Freddie Starr

"Wow! The confabulations that showed up in the original Duncroft allegations continue to unravel.

Freddie Starr is to sue Karin Ward for slander and malicious falsehood.

Karin Ward, or Kat Ward as she likes to be known, was the ex-Duncroft girl, now middle aged and suffering from serious cancer, who fell in with a group of Duncroft girls who had been trying to spin the tale of ‘Jimmy Savile – paedophile’ for years.

Too frightened of getting sued themselves, they declined to sign an affidavit for the Mirror that the tale they told was true; they declined to, or couldn’t, offer the police any verifiable evidence against Mr Savile when the police went to the trouble of tracing all their class mates from the 1970s and could not find any who could corroborate their tale – but they did have success when Karin Ward went onto Friends Reunited asking for help jogging her failing memory of her days at Duncroft for the latest ‘Miseri-lit’ on-line book she was writing.

Her original book made no claims of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile, but by the time her new found ‘friends’ had helped to jog her memory, she had been persuaded/persuaded herself that, amongst other claims, not only Jimmy Savile but Freddie Starr had committed sexual offences against her. She had also been introduced to Miss Jones’ nephew, a BBC producer who would be only too happy to use her on screen to bolster his story ‘that any journalist would have wanted’ that his Aunt ran a children’s home where paedophiles were free to prey on children.

The fact that, at that time, Karin was in the middle of chemotherapy, and had had major bowel surgery mattered not a jot to ambitious journalists. Jimmy Savile had died, and they could get this fantastic tale ‘out’, libel free. They said, in response to the Pollard report, that they had known of his ‘danger to children’ months beforehand, but been too tied up with pressure of work and annual holidays to do anything about it – however, now that he had died and was no longer able to sue for defamation, they could drop everything, bring Miss Ward into studio – nothing was more important to them!"

Comedian Freddie Starr, 70, is suing the woman who claimed he molested her in a BBC dressing room when she was 14

Freddie Starr to sue woman who claimed he groped her at age 14


The Death of the Life of Jimmy Savile

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