Sunday, 22 September 2013

Guess Who Is Next, On The Intelligence Satellite Feed?

Published on the 22 September 2013

Plan to satellite track sex offenders in Scotland

"The plans, which have received backing across the political spectrum, would see dangerous criminals [sic] tracked by satellite.

SATELLITE technology would be used to track sex offenders under Scottish Government plans to crack down on the most predatory and dangerous criminals [why are they not in prison, then, Kenny?].

A consultation launched tomorrow will also propose using the GPS tags to track domestic abuse and persistent offenders, and alcohol bracelets for people who commit crimes while drunk.

While many sex offenders, and other criminals, are already tagged, the move would see a major increase in how much of their movement is monitored.

Current radio frequency tags go off if someone leaves a certain area, such as their home, or goes somewhere they should not go within set times.

Using satellite technology and Google maps, police will be able to monitor a sex offender at all times, wherever they go. They will be able to observe patterns of movement to help build intelligence.

Writing in today’s Scotland on Sunday, justice secretary Kenny MacAskill said: “Satellite tracking can enable authorities to pinpoint an offender’s [ex-offender, Kenny, a 'free' person], that is exact location in real time, which has the potential to greatly assist how they are monitored. It also allows them to set up specific exclusion zones, preventing offenders [ex-offender, Kenny, a 'free' person] from entering potential risk [either there is a risk, or there is not - that is what 'risk' means] areas like high streets [!], schools and playgrounds. [paedocard played nicely]”

Movements of sex offenders may by tracked by GPS tags

Kenny MacAskill:GPS next step in tagging offenders

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