Saturday, 21 September 2013

She Is Sharp (As A Turd), Is That Vera Baird

Ms Vera Baird - Hypocritical Mistress Of Hole-Plugging and Fast Cars


20 Sep 2013 12:24

Judge joins forces [independent?] with Vera Baird over sex offenders' jail sentences

"A top judge is backing police commissioner Vera Baird in her fight to get tougher [why tough, Vera?] prison sentences for convicted sex offenders.

A top judge has joined forces with police commissioner Vera Baird in a bid to stop convicted sex offenders walking free [sic].

Vera Baird believes there is a ‘loophole’ [hahahaha] in sentencing laws [no, they are clear] which means offenders convicted of crimes such as downloading or making images of child abuse are sometimes given non-custodial sentences so that they can be put on Sex Offender Treatment Programmes quickly.

Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner said, under current guidelines, a custodial sentence of two years or more is needed for those convicted of such crimes to undergo an accredited 39-week sex offender treatment programme in prison."

Police boss’s [police's boss !!!] call to plug sex offender loophole [sic]

Commissioner wins influential support in battle over sex offender loophole [sic]


23 June 2010 Last updated at 18:39

Ex-solicitor general Vera Baird banned from driving

"Vera Baird Vera Baird represented Redcar from 2001 to May 2010.

The former solicitor general Vera Baird has been banned from driving for six months after travelling at nearly 100mph along the M4 motorway.

Magistrates in Pontypridd rejected the QC's arguments to keep her licence. She claimed it would cause her hardship winding up her parliamentary affairs.

Former MP Baird, of Crouch End, London, lost her Redcar seat in May's election.

She was given five penalty points, which added to those already on her licence gave her an automatic ban.

She was also fined £400.

Baird, 60, had previously been found guilty in her absence but the case was reopened when she explained she had never received a summons."


then ... 


Published on the 22 August 2013

Speeding drivers targeted

"Speeding and inconsiderate drivers are being targeted in a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in the Alnwick area.

Officers have been working with community volunteers on a Speedwatch scheme as well as visiting local schools to reinforce safety messages to the drivers of the future.

The crackdown has the backing of the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird, who is encouraging anyone concerned about anti-social behaviour to get in touch so action can be taken.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “Residents and local councillors at public forums have raised the issue of motorists driving at speed on rural roads causing a danger."


Anti-social indeed, Vera, in fact, actually, extremely, dangerous - should be locked-up.

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