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Child 'Protection' Industry Circle Jerk In Full Swing - But, What's This All About, Mark Williams-Thomas?

"Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into ..."


9 September 2013 Last updated at 06:28

Savile researcher at abuse conference in Belfast

"Jimmy Savile

The conference will allow experts [sic] to share understanding [bias] of child sex abuse [sic].

The man who unmasked [sic] Jimmy Savile as one of the UK's worst paedophiles [sic] will be among the speakers at a conference on child abuse being held in Belfast.

Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas is a child protection expert, criminologist, and TV presenter.

Mr Thomas researched and presented the ITV documentary that exposed Savile's [alleged] history of sexual abuse.

The conference will allow experts to share their professional understanding of the problem of child sex abuse.

Also speaking will be Peter Spindler, the former [ ;) ] lead officer on Operation Yewtree, the police investigation sparked by the Savile revelations [lies].

Speakers will address issues such as the motivations, influences and deterrents to offending.

Other talks will look at how paedophiles [sic] infiltrate [sic] schools, charities and sporting bodies to gain opportunity and access to children.

Also attending will be CEOP's (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) former principal forensic physiologist Dr Joe Sullivan and former chief executive of CEOP Jim Gamble.

Dr Sullivan has worked as an adviser on major police inquiries including the Madeline McCann [oh dear] and April Jones investigations.

Mr Gamble is an expert in child protection, and works as an adviser and commentator to many media outlets. [kerrrrrchhing]"


Jim's First Big Keercchiingggg

‘Glimpse: Inside The Mind Of a Child Sex Abuser.’


Jim Gamble

Ineqe Safe & Secure

Mark Williams-Thomas


All very nice, folks, but, Mark, what is this all about? ...


9 September 2013

Mr Mark Williams-Thomas and HOLMES 11 Confidential Information

"From: Susanne Cameron-Blackie aka Anna Raccoon

9 September 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information.

With reference to the sheer quantity of information that was placed on HOLMES 2 following Operation Ore, I understand that it was necessary to give several uniformed police officers temporary status as Temporary Detective Constables in order to assist with enquires to be actioned, including within Surrey Police.

1. Could you please confirm whether Mr Mark Williams-Thomas was one of those uniformed officers.

2. Could you please inform me whether Mr Mark Williams-Thomas has ever sat/passed the National Investigators Exam (NIE); completed an Initial Crime Investigators Development Programme (ICIDP); PIP Level 2 Portfolio; or otherwise be entitled to be referred to as having attained the rank of Detective Constable without use of the word 'Temporary' or 'Acting'. ('T.D.C. or A.D.C.')

3. Could you please confirm whether all those interviews, actioned by HOLMES 2, if carried out by Mr Mark Williams-Thomas, were formally and specifically requested by his supervising officer.

4. Was there any discrepancy between the formally requested number of interviews assigned to Mr Williams-Thomas and the number of interviews actually carried out by Mr Williams-Thomas? If so, could you please inform me how many of the interviewees had already been interviewed by other police officers.

5. If the answer to 4. is affirmative, could you please inform me whether you had reason to carry out any preliminary or informal disciplinary investigations with regard to additional interviews conducted with alleged sexual offenders by Mr Williams-Thomas.

6. Would Mr Williams-Thomas have been eligible for promotion within the Detective squad, Temporary, Acting or otherwise, had he not chosen to resign?

7. Following Mr Williams-Thomas' arrest at Gatwick Airport Hotel (not airport, so within your 'area') for alleged blackmail - a matter I am aware has since been satisfactorily discharged by the magistrates with NO stain on his character, could you please confirm whether a separate investigation was carried out at the same time by officers from the Surrey Police Force internal investigation department, concerning other matters NOT connected with the alleged Blackmail?

8. Can you please confirm whether any papers, notes, records, photographs, digital electronic communications or equipment, which identified names or action plans from HOLMES 2, were removed from Mr Williams-Thomas' home or person for inspection during such additional investigation.

9. Could you please tell me whether the outcome of such investigation resulted in any report to The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)?

10. Could you please tell me whether any subsequent internal report was prepared by CEOP?

11. If the answer to 10. is affirmative, could I please have a copy of such report?

12. Could you please give me copies of any advice subsequently issued by CEOPS to the Portuguese Police in respect of Mr Williams-Thomas' presence in Portugal on behalf of any British television company.

13. Could you please give me copies of any such advice issued by CEOPS to any British Police Force in respect of official press conferences open to accredited British reporters.

14. Could you please tell me whether you have been required to furnish any information concerning Mr Williams-Thomas activities whilst a serving Police Officer within your force to the investigating officers concerned with the charges laid against Mr Max Clifford under Operation Yewtree.

14. Could you please advise me of the contents of any communication you have had with the Portuguese authorities specifically referencing Mr Williams-Thomas between July 1st 2013 and August 20th 2013.

I would prefer to receive this information electronically.

If the decision is made to withhold some of this information using exemptions in the Data Protection Act, please inform me of that fact and cite the exemptions used.

I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing by e-mail that you have received this request and I look forward to hearing from you within the 20-working day period.

Yours faithfully,

Susanne Cameron-Blackie aka Anna Raccoon"  


One may imagine, what the initial response, will be.


Addendum - 14:58


LISTEN: US Marshals psychologist Dr Michael Bourke on links between indecent images and child abuse

Oh, yes, please listen.


Addendum (10/9/13 - 00:12)

The C'P'I cult had our primary Twitter suspended - it is all they have, in their sorry arsenal; we overcame the challenge.


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Child protection expert [spook]: don’t target Google to stop abuse

“There’s a fundamental lack of understanding about the people who commit these offences,” said Mr Gamble.

Never were truer words spoken, Jim. 

Child abuse internet warnings are pointless, says [ex] Ceop expert [profiteer] [first go]

Child abuse internet warnings are nonsensical, says Ceop expert [profiteer] [second go] 
Google was singled out by Prime Minister in Government drive to stop online child porn 'because it doesn't pay enough tax', claims expert [cheapshot publicity stunt, Jim, on his and your part]

It's not up to Google to stop child abuse, says expert


Deputy Chief Constable speaks about Child Protection, offenders and resourcing at INEQE’s conference

Judith Gillespie


September 2013

Report on Effective Strategies to Tackle Online CAM

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