Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Letzgo Hunting - Yet Another Suicide

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A man committed suicide days after a group of “paedophile hunters” accused him of sexually grooming a child [sic] over the internet.

"The 29-year-old was arrested by Leicestershire Police after the group, Letzgo Hunting, handed officers film of its members confronting him with the allegations.

A screengrab from the Letzgo Hunting website. The group was set up in Hinckley area of Leicestershire this year

The man was released on bail while officers looked into the accusations.

He was found hanging in his home, in the Market Bosworth area, four days later."


‘Paedophile hunters’ undeterred by man’s suicide


Paedophile [sic] hunters accused man, 29, of online child grooming days before he was found hanged


GC suicide: Man hangs himself after vigilantes accuse him of being a paedophile


Child grooming suspect killed himself after being lured out by vigilantes



Their response?





Barbaric morons.


Addendum (21:03)


We have nothing to say to you, presently.

It would be like trying to explain quantum mechanics to a chimpanzee.

We have said all you need to know, to Stinson Hunter, read our posts to him, if you wish. 



Addendum (18/8/13: 8:38)

So full of conviction, they took down the original post, with all its comments ... and posted this, as though its faulty logic, false rationalisations and back-peddling (and those of the commenting goons) changes anything ...

Unprincipled, slimey, barbaric, moronic, cowards. 

Learn from AA, he understands, more (if not 100%) than you ever could ...




September 18, 2013

Police fail to condemn anti-paedophile [sic] vigilantes despite victim suicide

"Police fail to condemn anti-paedophile [sic] vigilante group despite suicide of innocent man

Careful what you wish for: YOU could be next

Leicestershire police have refused to condemn an anti-paedophile [sic] vigilante group that calls itself ‘Letzgo Hunting’, despite the fact that a victim of the group who had not even been charged by police later committed suicide.

It is believed that the man who hanged himself could have been driven to suicide by the potential stigma of the accusation that he was a paedophile and the fact that Letzgo Hunting publishes videos of its confrontations online.

Disgracefully, although the Coroner in the case recorded a verdict of suicide, no mention at all of Letzgo Hunting was made at the inquest."




Victoria Derbyshire

"Latest episode

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Anti-paedophile [sic] vigilante group say they won't stop their work despite a man's death."

"The self-styled paedophile [sic] vigilante group 'Letzgo Hunting' tell the programme they won't change their methods after reports that a man killed himself after being pursued by the group.

The Leicester-based parents pose online as children to try to lure adults they suspect of being abusers into arranging a meeting. When their targets turn up, they're challenged by a team of adults equipped with video cameras.

We hear from the self styled leader of the group and from the former head of the The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre."


Anti-paedophile [sic] vigilantes: ‘Man’s death won’t stop us’


Anti-paedophile [sic] vigilante group say they won't stop their work despite man's death



Thursday 19 September 2013

'You haven’t been speaking to a 15-year-old girl, you have been speaking to me': The rise of the online vigilante paedophile [sic] hunters 

"He described the current situation as a “complete shambles” and added: “All we ever wanted was to change the way the police work, make parents be more vigilant… now it seems to be getting lost in suicides… and blurred-out videos,” he said."


Who are vigilante group Letzgo Hunting?


Anti paedophile [sic] vigilantes 'could put children at risk'


Paedophile [sic] vigilantes terrorised us for daring to criticise them: Sisters left in fear after challenge to gang who outed online suspect


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