Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Disinformation And Lies From Mark Williams-Thomas

Mark Williams-Thomas


Rebekah Brooks

"Self-styled vigilantes attacked the home of a hospital paediatrician after apparently confusing her professional title with the word "paedophile", it emerged yesterday.

Dr Yvette Cloete, a specialist registrar in paediatric medicine at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport, was forced to flee her house after vandals daubed it with graffiti in the middle of the night. The word "paedo" was written across the front porch and door of the house she shared with her brother in the village of St Brides, south Wales.

Dr Cloete, 42, confirmed she had left the property after the "distressing" attack. "For the time being I have moved out of the area because when something like this happens you just cannot feel safe in your own home. "We removed the graffiti within hours, but what happened was terrible and it has been extremely distressing."

"... a female paediatrician consultant called Yvette Cloete was indeed labelled a "paedo" after a campaign by the News of the World to name and shame paedophiles in the community.

The incident took place in Newport, Gwent, not in Portsmouth (where there had been anti-paedophile protests after eight-year-old Sarah Payne was murdered).

Dr Cloete returned from work at the Royal Gwent Hospital to find "paedo" spray-painted on her front door. Local police believe the graffiti was written by someone who confused her job title with the word paedophile.

It was no doubt a very distressing incident for Ms Cloete, who decided to move home shortly afterwards. But there is no evidence that a mob was involved or of any threats or incidents of physical pressure or violence."



You see how 'attack', takes on a whole new meaning, when it suits their (i.e. Mark's) purposes?

We would love to see, how they would perceive it, should they be on the receiving end of such vigilante action (even absent of the hysteria, of the moment).

We suspect, that Mark would be running down to his plod mates, leaving a trail behind him.


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