Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Slap On The Wrist" - Oh Grayling, You Fraud .... 'Tough' On Crime - Pay The Price

Sunday 29 September 2013 08.57 BST

Cautions to be scrapped for serious [sic] offenders, says Chris Grayling

"Justice secretary says simple cautions [hahahahaha] for crimes including rape and manslaughter are 'unacceptable and unfair' to victims

Chris Grayling: police will no longer use cautions for sexual offences against children, possession of an offensive weapon or supplying class-A drugs.

Serious offenders will no longer receive a mere "slap on the wrist", the justice secretary has said, as he announced an overhaul of the cautions system.

Chris Grayling said he was scrapping simple cautions, which do not involve any form of punishment, for serious crimes such as rape, manslaughter and robbery.

Police will no longer use them for sexual offences against children such as child prostitution or pornography, possession of an offensive weapon or supplying class-A drugs, he said."

"They were also used to deal with a raft of offences related to children, including seven for child prostitution and pornography, 183 for taking, distributing or publishing indecent photographs of children, 268 for possession of indecent photographs of a child, and 1,560 for cruelty or neglect of children.

""Quite simply this is unacceptable and unfair on victims" [no victims, above, Chris - please feel free point out my 'victim', from my charge sheets - oh, there isn't one]

"The new guidance for police forces comes as a review is launched into the use of all out-of-court disposals, such as penalty notices, that Tories hope will show "if you break the law, you will not escape the law".

Tough justice for those who watch [not illegal] child porn: Grayling announces perverts [offensive and inflammatory] will no longer escape with 'slap on the wrist' in crackdown on soft [sic] punishments

It's time to stop knife criminals getting off with a slapped wrist: Minister's message after jail encounter with Woolwich stabbing suspects

Chris Grayling scraps simple cautions for serious offences

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling promises to ban soft justice

Police face ban on cautions for violent criminals

Government to scrap ‘simple’ cautions for serious offences

Crackdown on cautions for serious crimes

Criticism over England sex offence cautions

Tories to get tough on serious criminals to court voters


6:00PM BST 01 Oct 2013

Retiring magistrate warns of 'dismay' over soft justice [sic]

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