Thursday, 5 September 2013

Imprisoned Between Ages 14 To 47, Released On Licence In August 2012

Ben Gunn, the blogging prisoner locked in a strugglePublished on Aug 5, 2013 

Beyond the Four Walls - Short Documentary 

"As the re-offending rates in the UK continue to increase, a team of film-makers set out to see how the current state of the prison system effects the people who work and live in it. Ben Gunn (arrested for murder in 1982) and a large host of contrasting voices including Prison wardens and other ex-criminals provide an interesting perspective on the situation. Beyond the four walls attempts to explore how the stigma attached to prisoners (rightly or wrongly) shapes the lives of those who leave it."

BEN'S PRISON BLOG - Lifer On The Loose

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Ben Gunn


Ben Gunn, the blogging prisoner locked in a struggle

Ben Gunn: murder, love and life after prison

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