Friday, 13 September 2013

So, You See, There Is No Causal Connection - It Is Later Social Conditioning - Thank You

Age of Consent

"Psychologist Jesse Bering on What the Law Says Versus What the Science Says

A 6-year-old child may subjectively experience little, if any, harm at the time of being molested by an adult, but that doesn't mean significant damage [sic] hasn't been done. As the child grows older, his or her interpretation of the experience on coming to understand what really [sic] happened may become increasingly traumatizing [sic]. One [poetic and simplistic] way to think about it is that the sexually abused child has essentially been implanted with a psychological time bomb that may or may not go off down the road. There's a marginal [sic] chance that it won't detonate at all, but if it does, it's often [sic] catastrophic [sic]. This can also be the case with teens (many of us have regrets about being taken advantage of when we were young and naive, sexually or otherwise [such is life]), but for a 16-year-old who has hormonally fueled desires that are just as intense as those of the adult he's having an encounter with, it's a very different can of emotional worms."


Jesse Bering 


12 December 2017 

From Pederasty to Pedophilia: Sex Between Children or Youth and Adults in U.S. History

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