Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sex Offender Scapegoats, Used To Justify Everyone's Loss Of Liberty

11 September 2013

New DNA database will have profiles of 1,000 sex offenders

"THE new DNA database will contain profiles of over 1,000 sex offenders.

It will allow the Gardai to match a DNA profile from a persona to an unidentified DNA crime scene profile – and also to quickly eliminate other suspects.

The new DNA database will also include past and present samples from crime scenes – in a move which may help to resolve unsolved cases.

It will operate using software supplied by the FBI at the Forensic Science Laboratory – which is based in Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter said that the database would include all those on the sex offenders register once the legislation came into effect. There are currently 1,280 people on the sex offenders register.

Gardai will be allowed to take mouth swabs or hair follicles from convicted criminals and criminal suspects so that DNA profiles can be created and entered onto the database to check for possible matches against crime scene samples.

As well as sex offenders, most of the samples taken will be from suspects arrested in connection with serious offences carrying sentences of five years or more."

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