Friday, 20 September 2013

When The Private Sector Controls Society And Our Freedoms

10:00PM BST 19 Sep 2013

Banks to block internet porn sites

"Websites which fail to stop children accessing pornography will have payments to them blocked by banks and credit card companies as part of a government plan to help clean up the internet, The Telegraph has learnt.

Restricting children's access to explicit material is a key priority for Downing Street.

Purveyors of explicit images will be starved of paying customers under the proposals, even if the material itself is not illegal. It is thought to be the first time banks have been asked effectively to police the internet in such a way.

A “summit” between financial organisations and the video services regulator will be held next month in an effort to finalise the agreement.

The move is intended to address the growing exposure of under-aged children to legal but highly explicit internet pornography, which David Cameron has said is “corroding childhood”.

Restricting such exposure is a priority for Downing Street. Earlier this year the Prime Minister announced an opt-in system under which households would be denied explicit online material unless they specifically asked for such access.

Now it is also hoped that a voluntary deal with credit card firms will tackle sites that let children see pornography. But government sources have made it clear that ministers would be prepared to consider legislation, if necessary."


Monday, 23rd September 2013

ATVOD names and shames porn sites, boss says cam girls could be prosecuted

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