Friday, 27 September 2013

They Can Be Very Rude, Disorderly And Violent Liars

27 September 2013 Last updated at 06:08

Nick Gargan wants officers to "think and speak differently"

"Chief Constable Nick Gargan is impatient for change and is not afraid of becoming unpopular in pursuit of it.

Just six months into his job, he is embarking on a crusade to transform the culture at Avon and Somerset Police.

His vision for a revised force includes a radical direct-entry scheme giving would-be chief inspectors the chance to skip promotion through the lower ranks.

But his proposal, just one of several ground-breaking reforms he has planned, has already riled some.

The Police Federation called it a "half-baked idea", claiming "people who have not seen a dead body" would not earn the respect of colleagues.

But Mr Gargan is pushing ahead - wanting officers to "think and speak differently" - and this means changing the workforce.

At 46, he is comparatively young for a chief constable, having joined Leicestershire Constabulary in 1988 under a graduate entry scheme.

Policing pilot

He is clear and determined in conveying his vision; transparency, integrity and respect are recurring themes in his conversation.

"The attitude of policing, is sometimes of an organisation that is 'doing policing to people' - not for people or with people - and that has implications for respect," he said."

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