Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This Busted The Myth Of The ‘Frigid’ Wife

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60th Anniversary of Sexual Behavior in the Human Female: The Impact of Research

"Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, the first Kinsey Report, came out in 1948. In the years before, Kinsey and his team took sexual histories of about 12,000 people. Out of this mountain of data, the Male volume analyzed information from 5,300 interviews with men.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was 804 pages of statistical tables, appendices, and dry academic analysis, but it still became a bestseller, selling over 200,000 copies, and a cultural sensation. People were starved for factual information about sex in America, and Kinsey's research struck a nerve. The book was widely debated, and Dr. Kinsey was invited across America to lecture about his research.

And everyone wanted to know - what about the women?"


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