Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Your Populist, Disinforming, Rhetoric Sickens Us

Tuesday 24 September 2013 21.30 BST

Labour to pledge fresh legislation that would give victims [sic] of crime new rights

"Sadiq Khan, shadow justice secretary, will cite treatment of Milly Dowler's parents when highlighting need for new victims' law

Labour's Sadiq Khan will say victims [complainants] of crime can no longer be treated as criminals [they are not, and never have been, in your lifetime] in court hearings.

Victims of crime would be given new rights under fresh legislation to ensure they can no longer be treated as criminals in court hearings [complainants] or have little idea when their attacker is freed from jail, Labour will pledge today.

Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary, will cite the treatment of the parents of Milly Dowler and the remarks of a Crown Prosecution Service barrister, who referred to a 13-year-old sexual abuse victim as predatory, to highlight the need for a new victims' law."

Lawyers and judges must stop treating victims as criminals, says Khan


Sadiq Khan

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Tuesday 1 April

“Recruitment that’s open to all: a reducing re-offending roundtable” 

"Cheaper, fewer victims and more people fulfilling their potential."

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