Monday, 2 September 2013

We Do Victims No Favours By Taking Refuge In Jargon, Euphemism And Excuses

Monday 2 September 2013

The CPS bends over backwards to help complainants in child sex abuse cases. It's kind, but is it fair?

"The guidelines on prosecuting these cases aim to avoid the old myths and stereotypes about victims and perpetrators. Instead they propagate a whole new set.

Recently, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) issued a consultation document on its Interim Guidelines on Prosecuting Cases of Child Sexual Abuse. The consultation closes on 3 September 2013. This is a subject in which the public has a legitimate interest. It is right that the system dealing with those who commit sexual offences against children is both fair and effective.

Child sexual abuse understandably inspires revulsion. But as the CPS acknowledges, it covers a spectrum of offences: from the very young to teenage victims, from indecent touching to rape. Reading this document, it’s striking how far we have come since Helena Kennedy QC wrote Eve Was Framed in 1993. Our criminal justice system now bends over backwards to help complainants.

The law on hearsay evidence has been relaxed to allow multiple complaints to be treated as “corroboration” of each other. As the CPS acknowledges, special measures for vulnerable witnesses such as screens, or evidence by video-link are regularly used. Children are automatically deemed “vulnerable.” Restrictions on the number of questions that can be put in cross-examination, and the format of such questions, can be imposed. Even accusing a witness of lying is seen as potentially objectionable."

September 2, 2013

What a Difference a CFA Makes! Part One

"Not that this matters in the slightest to the claims I am about to discuss, because fortuitously for everyone except the person being sued – all these claims were commenced prior to April 2013, and so escape the new regulations.

Since it is the all important ‘Duncroft’ allegations – more properly the 2007 ’Operation Ornament‘ allegations – which ARE all important, for had ‘Operation Ornament’ not existed there would have been NO ‘Savile effect’, no turmoil with heads rolling at the BBC, and no multi billion pound compensation claims preventing the charities involved from receiving the money that Savile had left to them, there are one or two important facts to be spelt out to those who may have overlooked them, before you read on…

The ‘child protection industry’ has spent untold millions convincing all of us that ‘child abuse victims’ are always to be believed and are all ’innocent of blame’ young children, preferably in winsome too long nightdresses clutching teddy bears. ‘Tis true, all child abuse victims ARE all innocent of blame. However, child abuse ‘claimants’ are not necessarily in the same category despite ‘Operation Yewtree’s‘ best endeavours to persuade us all that claimants and victims are one and the same thing. They are NOT."

September 3, 2013  

What a Difference a CFA Makes! Part Two 

"A few more writs for slander and malicious falsehood might just see an end to the Savilisation© of our media."

September 4, 2013

What a Difference a CFA Makes! Part Three

"Yet again, I am clean out of energy for the day – tomorrow I shall detail the financial aspects of all those rustling CFAs that perform such miracles."

September 5, 2013 

What a Difference a CFA Makes! – Part Four

"Possibly something they will have to do in the future now that society is holding them responsible for an event never proven to have occurred, but for which they are being held responsible as though it has been proven to have occurred."


Published 10 September 2013

Home Office response to child sexual exploitation inquiry


13 October 2013 Last updated at 14:39

Sexual offences: Wrong questions asked of victims, says Keir Starmer

"Keir Starmer: "The first thing you do is you change the tests"

Many victims of sexual offences have been afraid of reporting them in the past because police have asked "the wrong questions", the director of public prosecutions has said."


Monday 11 November 2013

Violent rapists face tougher sentences

"Review of punishments recommends prison sentences for sex offenders using extreme violence should start at 15 years."

"The move towards longer prison terms for sex offenders, Treacy believes, is due to the criminal justice system's greater focus on the experience of victims. "In the last 15 to 20 years … the justice system has recognised the position of the victim. It didn't do so much in the past. Our guidelines focus much more on what has happened to the victim. The work we do involves substantial consultations with victims' groups so that we understand their view.""

Sex offenders to face longer sentences if they groom victims or video their crimes

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