Monday, 2 September 2013

We Should Be Delighted To, Richard - Watch This Space ...

Friday, 30 August 2013

Sexual Orientation, Mental Disorder, Disability Or Just Plain Perversion

""Mental disorder", "disability", "sexual orientation", "the result of childhood abuse", a vile "fetish" or something else? Someone tell me please - the world nowadays seems to find an endless supply of excuses for paedophilia [sic], instead of concentrating on dealing with and helping victims of these vile crimes [you see, there is your first error]."


On it soon.

For now, ponder on what you would do and how you would feel, if this happened to you, or someone close to you (it will become relevant, later) ...


Frontal Lobe Tumor causes Pedophilia in a Man

Brain Damage, Pedophilia, and the Law

Pedophilia and Temporal Lobe Disturbances


Dr Oldfield's video, is also essential viewing ...

Pedophile, Minor-Attracted Adult or Merely Human?


The OSC 

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