Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mark Williams-Thomas "Who Posed [Are We Sure?] As A British Tourist Seeking Perverted Pleasures" - That Is What It Says

Mark - 'Seeking Perverted Pleasures'

Mark Williams-Thomas


29 Sep 2013 00:00

Exposed: Devious Brit [MWT?] pervs who fly to poverty stricken Cambodia to prey on kids

"Undercover investigation [sure?] reveals how disturbingly simple it is for sick [sic] men [MWT?] to "buy" girls and boys for sex

Fresh concerns over British child sex offenders abroad


UK govt. criticized for failure to deal with sex offenders [name any other government, which is so draconian?]


1 October 2013

ITV documentary on child sex offenders travelling abroad

"Helpline on hand [oh, thank goodness !!!] as 'Exposure: Predators Abroad' investigates offenders travelling abroad to abuse children."



Undercover? ... how do we know this? - maybe it was all a ruse, from MWT ... because, you see, things are never what they seem, are they Mark, until proven so, in a court of law? (and then, only legally, not in reality).

We have shown that MWT is a profiteering disinformationist and liar; why should this be any different?

We feel Mark tries, just a little too hard, on this topic.

Trial By MWT's 'Production Company' (ITV) - we all know how that ends.


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