Thursday, 5 September 2013

He Examines The Etiology And Characteristics Of Online Offenders

June 30, 2013

Internet Sex [sic] Offenders

"One of the most chilling aspects of our technological age is the seeming ease with which perpetrators can use the internet to commit sexual [sic] offenses. Fears of "internet predators" have led to unprecedented media attention and the mobilization of legal and investigative resources toward identifying and prosecuting child pornography and solicitation offenders, as well as a great deal of research into all aspects of online sexual [sic] offending in hopes of clarifying, reducing, and eliminating these kinds of offenses."


Vol. XXVI, No. Winter 2014

Book Review: Internet Sex Offenders

"Indeed, many of these questions have existed for a while, but we’re only just starting to get a handle on real data. Seto addresses each of these issues, and more, giving us both a fair appraisal of the research, such as it is, and his own opinions and perspective when there are inconsistencies. I don’t always agree with Seto but, in most cases, I found his perspectives to be consistent with the available data and, refreshingly, common sense. I have little doubt that Internet Sex Offenders will soon become the go-to resource for professionals and laypersons alike who wish to better understand this still perplexing group of offenders."

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