Thursday, 5 September 2013

Chris Pollard Of The Sun - Just Like Any Of Them - Cannot Stop Themselves Being Liars

Chris Pollard - Judge a book by its cover?

Media Guido

Chris Pollard


August 29th, 2013

Why Were 9 Cops Needed to Arrest Innocent Sun Journalist?

Guido fails to allow our reply through. 


Listen to Pollard, here ...

"There's never been any phone hacking at The Sun ... It never took place, there ..." etc etc.

Then, read these ... 

Labour MP accepts ‘substantial’ phone hacking damages and High Court apology from the Sun

Sun pays out after MP Siobhain McDonagh phone hacked

Sun apologises for hacking stolen phone

London MP reacts to hacking ruling


Your paymasters' attempts, at damage limitation, will not stop those who know.


The Sun's stolen mobile 'conspiracy': They were just reporters doing their jobs

'Over the top and ridiculous' says second Sun journalist cleared of 'handling' stolen mobile he never saw

Sun reporter says arrest over handling stolen mobile phone was 'ridiculous'

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