Friday, 20 September 2013

Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Let Us Introduce You To Ms Tracy Edwards MBE - Cry Baby Sailor, Defamer And Enabler Of Child Savers And Professional Victims

Tracy Edwards MBE - she likes to weep and whine


Tracy Edwards MBE was a 'problem child' - she then sailed a boat - she then showed herself to be useless in business - she then 'worked' at CEOP - that seems to be about it.

However, she now feels, that she is qualified to quash free speech and legitimate challenge, on the internet.

Although she has been a minor inconvenience, in the past, we have been kind to her, leaving her to her dubious associations.

Now she is damaging the pursuit of truth and safety, lying and defaming, in the public domain - this will not be tolerated.


Twitter - OSCP1 - 20/9/13

OSC EMail - 20/9/13

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OSC EMail - 20/9/13

Twitter - 20/9/13


Twitter - 20/9/13

Twitter - 20/9/13

Twitter - 20/9/13
Twitter - 22/9/13

Twitter - 19/10/13

We will not be commenting on Ms Keenan et al., in any great detail, until she makes a public statement, that she is ready to deal, rationally and without lying, with other issues, following the tragic suicide of her son. [BTW, this is not an indefinite offer].

Shy Keenan

The Phoenix Post

Tracy Edwards


Addendum (21/9/13)

It should come as little surprise, that the same child saver names, surface, again-and-again, when we dig deeper.

Ms Edwards MBE is a friend and colleague of 'public speaker', Ms Sharon Girling OBE ...

Ms Girling likes to keep anonymous, 
when it suits her - can you spell 'Spook'?

Ms Girling (as DC Sharon Girling, of the NCS and CEOP) has an 'interesting' history, as those in the know, are fully aware ...


Truth in Conflict 

A Simple Lesson in Computer Forensics

The Infamous 'Click Here' Button

Michael Mead USPIS

Operation Ore exposed


Many men died, and more families were destroyed, due to these unforgivable and unforgettable shenanigans, by all those identified, in the links, above.


Sharon Girling

Phoenix Heroes - Operation Cathedral Team 


PUBLISHED: 10:24, 28 November 2013 | UPDATED: 12:58, 28 November 2013

'I get seasick and can only doggy paddle' The unlikely story of round-the-world yachtswoman Tracy Edwards

>Captained the first all-woman crew in toughest yacht race in the world,
>Attempt to organise an international boat race in Qatar left her bankrupt,
>Spent most of the last decade rebuilding a life for her and her daughter,
>Now a Project Manager for the NSPCC and helped with UN Convention of the Rights of the Child [keep Tracey aware from the finances].

"This in turn led her to set up Safer World Training with Sharon Girling, a retired police investigator she met at CEOP, Andy Miller, a former Diplomatic Officer and Theodora Franks a Security Analyst." [i.e. Spooks] 



The OSC (full meaning, never stated, by us).

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