Monday, 2 September 2013

What Could Claire Perry's (and Cronies) New, Enlightening, Content, Of 21st Century Sex Education, Possibly Be?

10:00PM BST 02 Sep 2012

Children 'should be taught about porn on the net'

"Children should be taught about the “negative impact of online pornography” in the classroom, one of David Cameron’s main advisers has said as leading charities call for an overhaul of sex education."

MP Claire Perry welcomes the Telegraph's sex education campaign

TITLE: Prime Minister David Cameron: Bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century - Yas Necati


Ah, Old-Age Feminism ... nothing new to see, here, move along ...

Except, who, exactly, can this be ...

Schoolgirl Yas Necati: Sex education is outdated 

Seems to be a cute, sorta-crazee, wee, lass, being exploited, by aging lesbians (just sayin').

We will be having a look at you lot (again).

More to follow - maybe - later.



The Telegraph needs a non-sexist approach to promoting sex-ed

Ten things more important than porn they need to teach in sex education

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David Cameron: Children should be taught about 'dangers' of online porn in classroom

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