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This Time, Mum Was 'Right'

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smallfield dad cleared of all sex charges tells of his relief

"A FATHER-OF-THREE found not guilty of indecently assaulting a young boy has spoken about the "living nightmare" he faced as neighbours suspected him of being a paedophile.

A jury took barely half an hour to acquit Joseph Maslen, 39, who was accused of a string of sex offences dating back to the mid 1980s.

Having been cleared of any wrongdoing at Lewes Crown Court last week, Mr Maslen told the Courier & Observer of the hell he has been through.

"I've lost two-and-a-half years of my life," he said.

"I sat there in court numb, and bewildered it had got so far on the word of another person.

"But my mum said 'look at the jury from day dot. Look them in the eye and they will be able to tell if you are telling the truth'. And I did, and they could."

While the charges have hung over him Mr Maslen, from Wheelers Lane, Smallfield, said he had been left with "no motivation to do anything".

He said: "I couldn't sleep. It's been a kind of mental torture. I've been in a prison in my own home. It's been a living nightmare.

"I went and told my dad the day I was charged. My mum hasn't enjoyed the best of health so I kept it from her as long as I could.

"I told the boys this year, when we knew it was going to go to court."

While his sons didn't doubt his innocence, neighbours weren't so sure.

Mr Maslen said: "This is a small community and bad news travels fast. If you've tripped in the street, by the time you've fallen the bloke down the road knows about it.

"I was quite a sociable person before this happened. I went to the local shop. Now I can go again.""

What Does 'Abuse' Actually Mean?

Posted: 28/10/2012 21:17

One in Four? Tip of the Iceberg

"It's the favoured statistic of fear-mongers everywhere. 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some point in their life. In the United States, according to one campaign group, 1 in 4 college women have survived rape or attempted rape. According to another group, 1 in 4 people in Ireland experience sexual abuse. And in the UK too. As the aptly-named One in Four UK has it: 'Research has consistently shown that one in four children will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18'."

"So here goes. At the end of March 2011, the latest period for which the Department for Education collects statistics, there were 42,700 children in England subject to a child protection plan. That is 42,700 children out of a mid-2010 total estimated at 11,045,400 0-17 year olds. If you do the maths that comes to 0.38658%. You may have noticed that this is rather less than 1 in 4. But what does being subject to a child protection plan, or what used to be called being on the child protection register, actually mean?"

"The cultural imagination that produces the kind of Savile-related hysteria we have been witness to over recent days and weeks is deeply ingrained. Having the facts on your side is only one part of the battle. The other is to ask why influential sections of society find it so easy to believe 1 in 4 of our children are being abused in the first place?"

Thursday 1 November 2012

We need a Full Stop to this scaremongering

"The NSPCC and others have leapt upon the Savile scandal to promote their claims that child abuse is rife in modern Britain. But it isn’t.

The Jimmy Savile scandal has been held up as proof that child abuse is rife in modern Britain. In every institution in the land, even at ‘Auntie’, as Savile’s old stomping ground the BBC was once affectionately known, children are apparently being preyed upon by warped adults. ‘Sadistic child abuse is rife across Britain’, newspaper headlines tell us. According to the deputy children’s commissioner for England, ‘There isn’t a town, village or hamlet where children are not being sexually exploited.’ And the least safe place, even worse than the Beeb and NHS hospitals, where Savile also allegedly groomed and molested girls, is the family home - it is there where the ‘scourge of abuse’ is most common, apparently.

Is it true? Are loads of children being abused, treated sadistically by people they should be able to trust? No, they are not. The most remarkable thing about the hysterical claims about child abuse being rife is how flimsy they are, how quickly they fall apart when one asks the most basic of sceptical questions. Indeed, the depiction of Britain as a hotbed of sadistic sexual and physical abuse of children has required industrial levels of fact manipulation by a child-protection industry that has a clear interest in exaggerating levels of abuse. The truth seems to be that - brace yourselves for this - generally people are good, and generally the family home and most institutions are safe, even happy places."

Free Banquet To A Starving Man

6:17 p.m. EDT, October 30, 2012

Child-sex sting nets 31 men, including Iraq vet haunted by 'weird things'

"Arrestees traveled to an Orange County home to have sex with children [not] they contacted online [not].

The Orange County Sheriff's Office made 31 arrests during an undercover child-sex operation that involved deputies posing as minors and communicating with men and soliciting them for sex.

Arrestees such as AS, a soldier with the Florida National Guard, traveled throughout the region after answering online ads offering "fun" [?] with underage children at a location in Orange County.

Detectives said nearly all the suspects live in Central Florida and were taken into custody when they arrived at the home with undercover officers during the weeklong sting.

The sting, dubbed Operation Spiderweb 2, is the latest in a series of predator [sic] stings conducted by local agencies participating in the statewide Internet Crimes Against Children task force.",0,7542246.story

Neb. man gets 7 years for seeking sex with minor

'Don't Play in Clay' suspect convicted for traveling to have sex with minors he met online

Child sex sting operation in Clay County nets 19 arrests

Owner of cargo airline sentenced in child porn case

Guthrie cop helps nab suspect in child porn case

Registered sex offender from Houston busted with child porn after undercover sting

Porn with baby, young children nets 9-year sentence

Child pornography suspect arrested at Mission Valley Hotel

Man arrested in child porn sting

UM student charged in child porn sting,0,1230333.story

Fake Facebook account trapped Exeter sex fiend

Three-time offender jailed for child exploitation

Ian Edwards: Paedophile [sic] facing jail after Sunday Mirror probe catches him trading vile porn through Twitter

Undercover cop nabs online sex offender

Jail for paedophile [sic] caught by police officer posing as 14-year-old girl

Convicted sexual offender arrested after online sting

Paedophile, [sic] 52, used Facebook to pose as 13-year-old girl and prey on primary school-age children

Paedophile [sic] drag queen arranged to meet father to have sex with his children, 8 and 11, but was caught by police who set up sting operation

Paedophile [sic], 52, jailed after police double bluffed him by pretending to be an 11-year-old girl

Sorry To See Jane Is Now A Huffington Sell-Out

Posted: 29/10/2012 23:00

While Politicians Tinker, Victims of Child Abuse Suffer

"Paedophiles [sic] are escaping justice as political interference with the forensics service means some police forces are pursuing only the worst and most serious of cases. Yet according to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) a failure to pursue low-level cases could mean that individuals committing actual physical abuse and their victims are not being identified.

Concerns were raised earlier this year by John Carr, OBE, a highly respected adviser to the UK government on internet safety policy for children at a forum organized by the Internet Watch Foundation. He confirmed this today, saying: "There are persistent rumours that because of the backlog in computer forensics, officers are being discouraged from seizing computer equipment or digital devices unless it is considered to be 'absolutely necessary'"."

Monday, 29 October 2012

'Sarah's Law' Advert Of The Week

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tunbridge Wells magician is mistaken for sex offender

"A MAGICIAN from Tunbridge Wells says he fears leaving his home after a case of mistaken identity led to threats and attacks by vandals.

Popular magic man Adam Smith, of Wolesley Road, has faced rumours, threats and vandalism since a fellow magician from the town was convicted of sending sexual texts to a teenage girl.

​MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Magician Adam Smith has been threatened and targeted by vandals due to mistaken identity since the RB court story broke. His car has also been damaged

Mr Smith, a father of two who runs a magic shop in High Brooms and has performed for stars including Kate Moss, is worried his family and business will suffer because he is being mistaken for RB.

The 40-year-old said it had been "horrible" to have people question him about the texting incident, adding: "I'm worried about my reputation as a magician. Your reputation is everything – it's your business."

It all started last month when well-known TV magician B, 31, was shamed in the Courier after he admitted sending explicit texts and images to a 15-year-old girl he met during a marathon magic show earlier this year.

Since then Mr Smith has been wrongly accused of being the magician involved in the scandal.

He has had bookings cancelled with no explanation, shops and businesses have removed his business cards and the rumour has spread around his ten-year-old son's school. It all came to a head on Friday, October 12 when his car, which is branded with his details, was targeted by vandals while parked outside a gig in the centre of Tunbridge Wells.

It is estimated the culprits, who gouged the bonnet, doors and panels, caused about £3,000 worth of damage."

Foundations Of Sand, Lead To Castles Which Fall

29 Oct 2012

NSPCC's income drops by £13m

"Income at the NSPCC is down by nearly £20m on four years ago, as the charity reports its fifth consecutive budget deficit.

The NSPCC’s annual accounts show a drop in income of £12.9m to reach £135.7m and a deficit of £3.1m for the year ending March 2012. Income is the lowest it has been since 2006’s £116.4m, and the loss is greater than last year, when the charity was £1.97m in the red – although it is not as high as the deficit in 2010, which was £5.2m.

For 2011/12, NSPCC reduced spending on fundraising by 7.3 per cent and raised 5 per cent less than in the previous financial year. During the most recent financial year it spent £24.3m to raise £122m. In 2010/11, the charity still managed to grow fundraising income by 1.7 per cent to £128.5m.

The total decline in income (8.7 per cent), was attributed by the NSPCC as “largely due to a reduction in income from fundraising events and statutory sources”. Income from fundraising events fell by £3.7m to £7.8m and the NSPCC reported a decline in corporate support also. Ninety per cent of the charity’s income comes from voluntary sources."

NSPCC income falls by £12.9m this year, according to annual report

Wednesday 31 October 2012 20.10 GMT

BBC seeks link-up with children's charities in wake of Savile scandal

"Broadcaster holds discussions with NSPCC and National Association of People Abused in Childhood" 

1 November 2012 Last updated at 13:11

Jimmy Savile estate frozen after abuse claims

Pannone takes on claims for Savile victims as bank freezes estate

Nice Of The Beeb, To Collate How The Hysteria And Harm Was Created

29 October 2012 Last updated at 16:45

Jimmy Savile: The road to hypervigilance

"Child abuse is now a national obsession, but in the 1960s it scarcely came up as a subject of public concern."

Why Indeed

October 29, 2012 9:53AM

Why name and shame sex offenders, asks Tom Percy

"ANONYMOUS: Murders and drug dealers do their time and assimilate back into the community. There is no restriction on them living or working anywhere at all.

THE experience with sex offender registers in the US has included deaths and gratuitous violence, as well as payback measures

There are a couple of convicted murderers living in the same suburb as I do. I know, because I’ve seen them. There are probably a few in your suburb, too. Maybe even your street. After all, almost all of them do eventually get out, and they have to live somewhere.

Like dozens of others convicted of that crime all over Australia, they do their time, satisfy the prison authorities and the Prisoners Release Board what used to be the Parole Board that they are ready to be released, and quietly merge back into society.

Usually, you hear no more from them or about them. They don’t go on some special internet register where everyone can see what they look like, what their crimes were, or where they live.

It’s the same with convicted drug dealers. They do their time and assimilate back into the community. There is no restriction on them living or working anywhere at all. They can change their names or their appearance. And, just like the murderer, you would never know."

"But in the wrong hands this sort of information has the potential to be extremely dangerous. The potential for vigilantism is obvious, as is the potential for mistaken identity. The experience with these registers in the US has included deaths and gratuitous violence, as well as payback measures such as graffiti and molotov cocktail bombings. There is no reason to think it won’t happen here.

Given the downside of this sort of exercise in naming and shaming, and the comparatively limited benefits of it if any you have to think of it as just another cynical exercise in political opportunism by the government a gratuitous attack on those marginalised groups in the community who are universally abhorred.

The experiment is likely to be a real crowd pleaser, but it’s hardly likely to have any impact on the problems that it purports to address."

Possibly, In Some Cases

Monday 29 October 2012

'Virtual child porn could reduce child abuse'

"Paedophiles could be given ‘virtual child pornography’ in order to reduce instances of child abuse and the market for child porn, two sexologists say in Monday’s Trouw.

Erik van Beek and Rik van Lunsen, who treat men with paedophile tendancies [sic], say allowing paedophiles access to material which did not involve children being abused would give such men an outlet.

‘Hopefully, this would mean real child pornography involving child abuse would become less popular,’ Van Beek is quoted as saying."

Dutch debate over whether 'virtual' child porn should be legal

Dutch sex therapists: Legalize ‘virtual’ child pornography

Call for 'virtual' child pornography to be legalised

'Virtual' child pornography call stirs Dutch debate

'Virtual' Child Porn Debate In Netherlands

Call for 'virtual' child porn stirs Dutch debate

Call to legalise ‘virtual’ child porn

Dutch debate over whether 'virtual' child porn should be legal

'Virtual' Child Pornography 'Could Quell Paedophiles' Sexual Urges', Claim Dutch Sex Therapists

Call for 'virtual' child pornography to be legalised

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Attempted Rape Of A Deceiving Detective

10:30 am - October 25, 2012 — Updated: 10:30 am - October 25, 2012

Quick guilty verdict in Facebook sting case

"It took jurors less than 30 minutes to find a 35-year-old Snohomish man guilty of attempting to rape an Elma boy he met on Facebook. He now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

JRA was convicted of first-degree attempted rape of a child after trying to meet what he thought was an 11-year-old boy for sex in an Elma park bathroom. He had actually been corresponding on Facebook with a Washington State Patrol detective and was arrested at the park. A was already a Level 2 sex offender after a 2001 conviction for second-degree rape of a child.

Because this is A’s second conviction of a Class A sex crime, Washington State’s “two strikes” law for such offenses mandates he receive a life sentence. Barring any contests, that’s likely what will be handed down at A’s Dec. 3 sentencing hearing."

Be Careful How You Surf, Now

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Swansea man IB sent to jail for storing [sic] indecent images

""There's no suggestion that the images have been stored and there's no suggestion at all that the images had been distributed to others," said Mr Howells.

"He didn't actively seek out child pornography websites," he added.

Terms of 12 weeks were imposed for each of the seven weeks. They will all run concurrently."

Fishing Exercise

October 28, 2012

After Savile, every British man should worry about his past

"The Pandora’s Box of Historic Sexual Abuse Cases

As the Jimmy Savile affair rumbles on, the question of whether so called “historic” offences should be subject to some form of Statute of Limitation has again been raised, not just because police, the CPS, courts and politicians seem to be applying today’s modern thinking to life as it was 40 years ago but also because the authorities are successfully bringing prosecutions that were not pursued at the time based on little or no evidence.

This week saw another “historic” case end with the jailing for 11 years of a 78 year old man for sex offences alleged to have taken place some 63 years ago from 1949-1973; the longest delay ever in bringing charges before a British court. should point out that the recent sudden surge of accusers from the past is no accident either. The police and the CPS are openly inviting anyone who “thinks they may have been abused, no matter how long ago” to come forward and make a complaint, regardless of whether or not there is any evidence.

In other words, police are using the high profile Savile case in order to “trawl” for cases that they know full well will end in easy convictions."
Jimmy Savile: how the police investigation grew

April 8, 2013

The Great British Whine Industry
"I see yesterday that Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler has jumped ship from the appalling Yewtree ‘investigation that never was’. ‘Spindler’s List’ of 12 arrests, one charge so far, has become an embarrassment to the nation.

The police involvement in the whine-managers dark arts will take a long time to live down. The justice system is damaged, perhaps irreparably.

The spirit of Torquemada lives on, where debate is driven by prejudice and supposition, by fear not fact; the media preferring to give air time to the unhinged armchair moralists screeching ‘cover-up’ whenever their chosen celebrity unaccountably fails to make the ‘arrested’ list than to the likes of Karren Brady.

All I can say is God bless Karren Brady for convincing me that the entire septic isle hasn’t gone stark raving bonkers."

6 Apr 2013 21:00

Police chief Peter Spindler quits Operation Yewtree celebrity sex abuse inquiry for watchdog role

"The Scotland Yard commander had overseen a string of high-profile arrests, including Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, and Max Clifford.

Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler has dramatically quit in the middle of the high-profile investigation into Jimmy Savile and other celebrities, the Sunday People reports.

The decision has surprised insiders who expected Spindler to see Operation Yewtree through to the finish.

He had overseen a string of high-profile arrests, including Freddie Starr, 70, Jim Davidson, 59, and Max Clifford, 70.

But last week Spindler began a two-year secondment to the police watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the investigative website Exaro and the Sunday People have learned."

We Are On Your Tails ... And You Know Who You Are

October 21, 2012

Past Lives and Present Misgivings

"The story from a resident of Duncroft girl’s school Wedgewood dormitory. 1965 who somehow missed the Jimmy Savile abuse going on under her very nose.

"Abuse victims should be heard. They should be listened to intently. By the same token, those accused of such heinous crimes should be so accused by tested evidence, not newspaper circuses.

This shouldn’t be a subject to push up newspaper circulation, nor for a Punch and Judy show between branches of the political media – the damage done by sexual abuse is too profound for that.

What is happening, with a – shall we call it polite disbelief – in some quarters, that not all the ’400 victims who have come forward’ are entirely motivated by a desire for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, does a disservice to every genuine case.

I’m not afraid of the truth, I have nothing to fear from it. If other girls were cowering behind bedroom doors in 1965 and I failed to notice, nor even hear mention of the man’s name, let alone meet him – well then, after eating my Raccoon tail, I shall take myself off for counseling; I would obviously have a profound case of ‘false memory syndrome’."

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part One

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Two

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Three

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Four

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Five

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Six

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Seven

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Eight

Savile: Police failed to interview headmistress of abuse school

Police probe into paedo [sic] Jimmy Savile slammed as a sham

Jimmy Savile scandal: Police did not question Duncroft staff

They were no angels: Headmistress's cruel dismissal of the girls abused by Jimmy Savile (and she claims no-one told her what he was up to)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

'Dirty' Pictures

Oct 26 2012

Millionaire businessman who downloaded child porn tried to kill himself after police chase

"A disgraced former millionaire businessman caught with child porn images tried to kill himself after a high-speed police chase in the Welsh borders.

Mold Crown Court heard how JAP had been the head of a global manufacturing company with a £30m turnover and regularly travelled to America, Canada and throughout Europe for work. But he lost everything after he was found to have looked at and distributed indecent images of child sex abuse.

As well as looking at indecent images of young girls, the court heard how he exchanged them with other people and even wrote e-mails giving details of what he said he had done to children. However, it was accepted in court that his stories had been pure fantasy."

Child porn: Abergele businessman JAP jailed

Child 'Protection' Industry, Shows Its True Colours, Once Again

Friday, October 26, 2012 

"Safety Tools" are only "Safe" if they Work

"As one of the last remaining people on the planet who doesn’t have a smartphone, I’m not familiar with any of the millions of apps out there that serve all kinds of purposes. However, the “Friend Verifier” App recently caught my attention because it claimed to be able to rid your friends list of registered sex offenders. A few friends tried it and chided the developer for sending up red flags on people who were undoubtedly not on the registry (among the accused were a retired pastor, elderly father-in-law and a few adult children.)

On the Friend Verifier Facebook page a few days ago was a notice from the developer to the app’s “fans,” apologizing on behalf of some users who had evidently posted comments asserting concern for the safety of registrants and their families. Friend Verifier’s post referred to those users as “pro-sex offender groups” who “believe people who rape and molest” have the same rights as the rest of us.

Before I was blocked and my comments deleted, I was able to capture this screenshot of the comment thread ..."

Friday, 26 October 2012


26 Oct 2012, 3:03 pm

Court overturns sex offender IVF ruling

"An appeal court has overturned a decision allowing the partner of a convicted sex offender to receive IVF treatment.

A Victorian tribunal failed to consider the best interests of a child when it allowed a convicted sex offender and his wife access to IVF treatment, an appeal court has found.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) last year granted the couple access to the fertility treatment despite the husband having been jailed for sexually penetrating a 16-year-old girl who had a cognitive impairment.

The VCAT ruling overturned a decision by the Patient Review Panel to deny IVF treatment to the woman and her 34-year-old partner, referred to as ABY.

On Friday, in what Victorian Chief Justice Marilyn Warren said may be considered a test case, the Victorian Court of Appeal ordered VCAT to reconsider its decision, saying it failed to apply the proper legal test.

Chief Justice Warren and Justices Pamela Tate and David Beach said the correct test that should have been applied was whether it was in the best interests of the child born from the treatment.

They said these include matters affecting his or her physical, sexual, emotional and developmental wellbeing."

Court overturns IVF decision for sex offender

How Far Will They Go In The UK? - This Far

Published on Friday 26 October 2012 13:22

Police heard sex offender molesting woman in his home days after prison release

"S was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh

POLICE heard a dangerous sex offender molesting a woman in his home only days after he was released from prison.

• Police overheard TS indecently assaulting a woman via ‘covert listening device’ fitted in offender’s flat as part of strict monitoring regime

• Offender admitted being with victim but denied indecent assault

• S has previous convictions for sex offences and was jailed for six years and four months

A “covert listening device” had been fitted in TS’s flat in Dundee as part of a strict monitoring regime, and officers heard the woman’s pleas to him to stop. She had left by the time police arrived on the scene."

Could We Ever Doubt, What The Smokescreen Was All About?

Posted Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, at 3:58 PM ET

"The Netherlands Wants the Power To "Render Inaccessible" Data on Foreign Servers

"Evading online surveillance is becoming easier as more tools offering anonymous encrypted storage and communication become available. But the trend is starting to worry authorities.

Last week, the government in the Netherlands proposed a new law that would help it circumvent encryption by hacking into computers and infiltrating servers. In a lengthy letter, the country’s security and justice minister, Ivo Opstelten, said police were having difficult tracking down pedophiles posting images of child abuse online because they were allegedly using the anonymizing tool Tor. Tor allows users to mask their IP address by routing connections through a network of virtual tunnels.

Many law enforcement agencies today, including the FBI, have used spyware tools to monitor suspects. But what Opstelten is proposing is different. He doesn’t just want federal police in the Netherlands to have the power to install spyware to secretly intercept data before they are encrypted. He wants the county’s police to have the power to infiltrate servers and destroy data on computers even if they are potentially located in foreign jurisdictions. While there are already mutual legal assistance protocols in place across most Western democracies for such purposes, the rules differ from country to country. And in some cases, because suspects are using tools like Tor, it’s not actually possible to determine their location. So if Dutch police find a hidden Tor server containing “very harmful pornographic material,” for instance, Opstelten wants the authority to take control of the server and “render inaccessible” the data stored on it."

November 1, 2012

Russian Authorities Empowered To Shut Down Internet Sites

"New legislation has taken effect in Russia giving the government powers to shut down websites without a fair trial. The amendment to the Act for Information is, say the authorities, to protect children from the more nefarious aspects of the Internet, such as websites which encourage suicide, drug abuse, child porn, and pedophilia."

Censorship row over Russian internet blacklist

New UAE cyberlaw clamps down on political dissent, pornography, gambling

Dutch computer plan slammed

Washington state admits “sex trafficking” law is unconstitutional

Wash. law online sex trafficking law to be struck

ECtHR rules Turkish Internet law contrary to human rights convention

We Will Forgive The Scurrilous Opening Paragraph

Thursday 25 October 2012

Can everyone please calm down about child abuse?

"Post Savile, let us avoid deepening this atmosphere of suspicion with endless fear-fuelled inquires and regulations which can only encourage paranoia, often at the children’s expense. It will mean even more examples of adults who work with children being wary of indulging in normal, compassionate nurturing and caring such as comforting an upset child, giving a cuddle or putting on a plaster. This stand-off between adults, eyeing each other with suspicion as potential threats to children, dangerously threatens the sense of adult solidarity and partnership that’s so necessary to socialising and indeed protecting children. Surely it is tragic that adults feel awkward and impotent when they see a child in trouble, believing that attempts to reassure a distraught youngster could be misinterpreted as suspicious? Worse, by encouraging children to look at affection shown to them by adults with suspicion will inevitably poison relationships between adults and young people for many years to come.

Children have always been anxious and frightened by shadows and bogeymen. Traditionally adults’ role is to confront these irrational fears and reassure. What is novel today is the way that too many adults are institutionalising these fears as though they are real. Savile is dead, but we risk using his ghost to magnify these fears out of all proportion. We owe it to the young, and each other, to challenge this particular ‘panic attack’ before it does any more damage."

Thursday, 25 October 2012

All In The Mind

Posted October 24, 2012

The neuroscience of sexual attractions

"A recent edition of radio programme KERA Think has a fantastic discussion on development and the neuroscience of sexual attraction in its many forms.

The programme is a discussion with Simon LeVay, a neuroscientist who raised a lot of eyebrows by finding differences in the brain structure of gay and straight men in a 1991 study.

The science has massively advanced since then and LeVay gives a fascinating and lucid account of what know about the biology of the rainbow of sexual attraction – and where the mysteries still lie.

Link to programme page with streamed audio. mp3 of podcast."

October 26, 2012

Neurotransmitters linked to mating behavior are shared by mammals and worms

"When it comes to sex, animals of all shapes and sizes tend behave in predictable ways. There may be a chemical reason for that. New research from Rockefeller University has shown that chemicals in the brain—neuropeptides known as vasopressin and oxytocin—play a role in coordinating mating and reproductive behavior in animals ranging from humans to fish to invertebrates."

Nov. 09, 2012

Neuroscientist Larry Young on Sex, Drugs & Love Among Voles

"He doesn’t claim to have the answer for why fools fall in love, but psychiatrist Larry Young hopes studying prairie voles will help.

The Emory University professor studies the differences between species of voles with very different sexual preferences: the montane voles are the serial daters and cheaters of their world, engaging primarily in promiscuous relationships, while prairie voles are more monogamous.

By studying their brain chemistry, Young is hoping to expose the biology of fidelity and cheating, and the role that the so-called love hormone oxytocin plays in the way the voles make and break romantic relationships. TIME talked with him about his new book, The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction."


Securing Real Love: Three Chemicals That Make Us Feel We’re In Love, 1 of 3

"The science of couples love is a fascinating study of human nature – perhaps at its best and worst.

Human beings get unhinged about a lot of things, yet nothing seems to compare to the actions of desperation, and the emotional roller coasters in the dance of romance."


October 19, 2013

Love and lust have distinct but interlocking brain signatures

">Brain imaging is revealing the distinct but interlocking patterns of neural activation associated with lust and love.
>Lust is most likely grounded in the concrete sensations of the given moment. Love is a more abstract gloss on our experiences with another person.
>Imaging is also helping to decipher the disorders of lust, including anorgasmia. Dozens of discrete regions across the brain fire at the point of orgasm—suggesting many different ways to develop anorgasmia.

People often think of love and lust as polar opposites—love exalted as the binder of two souls, lust the transient devil on our shoulders, disturbing and disruptive. Now neuroscientists are discovering that lust and love work together more closely than we think. Indeed, the strongest relationships have elements of both."

It Will End In Tears (And Much Worse) - Barbarians

8:10AM BST 14 Oct 2012

Criminals to be named and shamed by Home Office

"Mugshots of convicted criminals are to be published on a Government website in a move to name and shame offenders.

Members of the public will be able to enter their postcode and see a “rogues’ gallery” of local convicts who have recently been handed jail terms.

The service, called “In The Dock”, will be introduced gradually on the website from the end of this month.

Ministers hope it will boost confidence in the criminal justice system, while also drawing a line under recent cases where police have declined to issue photographs of criminals or suspects because of human rights laws or concerns over privacy.

Victims of crime will have the opportunity to give their view on whether their attacker’s mugshot should be publicised.

Publishing photographs of convicted paedophiles [sic] and sex offenders has not been ruled out, a Home Office spokesman said, but each offender will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Initially, the new service will feature offenders from West Yorkshire Police, which already publishes the mugshots on its website, but ministers expect other forces to follow suit.

Damian Green, the police minister, said: “When someone breaks into your home or robs your local shop, you want to see them properly punished and held to account for their actions.

“So we will be placing mugshots of convicted criminals on our trailblazing crime mapping website so that justice is seen to be done in the truest sense."  

6:54PM BST 11 Oct 2012

Flagship crime map website 'less useful than a newsletter'

"Members of the public would rather find out about crime in their neighbourhoods through a local paper or a simple police newsletter than a flagship Government website, according to an official report."

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fair Point, Officer Glen

Published on Wednesday 24 October 2012 10:54

‘Seek help before we seek you out’ is advice from police

"The top cop in charge of catching child porn offenders in Herts has urged anyone who thinks they may be at risk of this type of offending to get help before it is too late.

Det Chief Insp Glen Channer, who heads up the Herts child protection and paedophile [sic] units of around 30 specially trained officers, said: “If someone is convicted they will become a registered sex offender and they will go on a sex offenders programme. They should seek help now.”

"He said that those who feel they are at risk of committing such a crime can get help by visiting their GP or by contacting the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre [mmmm, not sure on that], the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Stop It Now or the Samaritans.""

Friends Like These

Published on Wednesday 24 October 2012 06:00

Man freed in indecency case says paedophiles [sic] ‘need hanging’

"It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime for the man flying to Australia to meet a family he befriended on Facebook.

But it turned to a living hell as he was thrown behind bars, rubbing shoulders with serial killers and rapists, in Yatala Prison.

The former factory worker had tried to look up an old friend on Facebook.

A twist of fate saw an Australian woman come forward as her son shared the same name. She befriended him and two years later tempted him into flying 24,000 miles for a holiday.

Instantly his internet “friends” borrowed 140 dollars here and 180 dollars there.

He said: “I arrived with 1400 dollars (currently about £900) and by day four I had 23 dollars to my name.”

He joined the family on March 25 last year and six days later police arrested him for allegedly indecently assaulting their teenage boy and ‘grooming’ him.

The man was freed in May this year at the end of the trial in which a relative of his accusers sprang to his defence and gave evidence. The family would have won 177,000 dollars for the boy following a conviction and could have sued him personally for 150,000 dollars.

The man is clear on what he thinks of child sex offenders and says: ”I think they need hanging.”

Prison was hell."

You Want Us To Believe You And Your Pile Of Crap, Raj?

Posted: 23/10/2012 15:57

Dr Raj Persaud and Dr Peter Bruggen [Ex-Tavistock]

Why Would A Sex Offender Do A Lot of Charity Work?

"What motivates a sex offender to do charity work is an important question; various agencies involved will be reeling from the continuing spate of allegations [indeed] regarding Jimmy Savile.

It is well known [weasel words] that sex offenders often [sic] target deserving causes, in order to get close to a pool of vulnerable victims [where? show us]. Such predators [sic] appear outwardly altruistic, in order to gain access.

But in the case of recent allegations [indeed] over Jimmy Savile, who it is suggested may have raised around £40 million for charity over a lifetime of apparently 'good works', and who seemed to labour for so many different causes, over decades, this doesn't seem an adequate explanation. It could be charity work acts as a smoke screen which fulfils many other warped objectives as well [where? show us].

In order for aid organizations to screen out and defend against this kind [where? show us] of infiltration [sic], getting inside the mind of the 'tainted altruist', could be vital in order to prevent future scandals.

British psychologists Samantha Craven, Sarah Brown and Elizabeth Gilchrist have recently published an academic paper entitled 'Sexual grooming of children: Review of literature and theoretical considerations', where they point out that the field now regards 'grooming the environment' as a key aspect of sex offender's behaviour. Yet this might be overlooked while charities are being vigilant for grooming of children.

'Grooming the environment' may be a more powerful and damaging strategy, as the recent scandal might be illuminating."

Disgraced Raj Persaud quits as consultant at leading hospital

Media doctor admits to plagiarism

Media doctor guilty of disrepute 



We don't think so.


But, Dude. It’s Just Not True.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 6:49 PM

Parasite websites lifting young people’s graphic photos at alarming rate

"The Internet Watch Foundation came across more than 12,000 photos in 47 hours, and 88% were on parasites. Deleting photos from Facebook, Twitter may no longer suffice."

10/23/2012 @ 5:26PM

Study: Most Private Porn Photos and Videos End Up Online

"A study by Britain’s Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) concludes that 88 percent of self-generated, sexually explicit online images and videos are eventually stolen and uploaded to other websites.

The study analyzed more than 12,000 sexually explicit images uploaded by young people and found that the great majority of images had been stolen and published to what the researchers call “parasite” websites."

Youngsters! People might watch your personal porn! 

Sexting teenagers easy prey for porn sites

Intimate photos and videos being stolen for porn sites

Young people are warned they may lose control over their images and videos once they are uploaded online

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 01:00 AM +0100

Your homemade porn is safe

"The media's abuzz about a salacious study that says most amateur porn unwittingly lands online. It's just not true

Now here’s a headline that will make many hearts stop: “Study: Vast Majority Of Homemade Porn, Private Photos End Up Online.” CBS alarmingly reports today that “The vast majority of homemade pornography and private images on personal computers ends up on public websites called ‘parasites.’” To which I exclaimed a string of expletives that I won’t repeat here.

But, dude. It’s just not true."

"I can’t help thinking that the seemingly willful misinterpretation of this study’s findings reflects our supreme discomfort with the idea of teens self-producing sexual content. We can comprehend the idea of minors being abused by “monsters,” but less so the possibility of teens being sexual actors who are nonetheless capable of being exploited. We’re much more comfortable with the puritanical schadenfreude of watching other adults punished for their private sexual exploits — whether it’s a celebrity or the Zumba instructor next door."

Thu, Oct 25th 2012

Statistical Stupidity: 95% Of All Lazy Journalists Believe That 88% Of All Homemade Porn Ends Up Online

"If you read that first sentence, the one that says that 88% of all homemade pornography ends up online, and didn't immediately begin laughing at the sheer silliness of that number, you're a stronger person than I am. Now, granted, being both a horribly ugly pasty white and being, at best, mildly attractive, I'm not someone prone to taking pictures of my man-junk, nor mid-coitus. But what the hell? Eighty-eight percent? There's no way that could possibly be true."

'Sarah’s Law' [Not] - Excellent, It's A Start ... Well Done Lad

3:33PM BST 24 Oct 2012  

Blow to Sarah's Law [not] as judges rule paedophiles' [not] human rights should be considered

"A High Court ruling said paedophiles [not] should be allowed to make representations before their details are revealed to members of the public.

Sarah Payne was eight when she was abducted {note, not sexual] in July 2000

Parents could have a harder time finding out if any paedophiles [sic] live nearby after a High Court ruling that sex offenders’ {and others] human rights to privacy should be considered.

In a judgement that lawyers say risks “watering down” what is known as Sarah’s Law [sic], the court ruled that offenders should be given a say before their presence is disclosed.

Their human right to a family life should also be taken into account, the judges said.

In a test case brought by a repeat sex offender from the Sheffield area, two judges agreed he had the right to make "representations" to South Yorkshire police before local parents who made inquiries about him were told of his criminal past.

Sarah’s Law [sic], started in 2008, allows parents to find out from police if someone has a record for child sexual offences [and other 'relevant' offenses or hearsay].

Known formally {i.e. known as] as the child sex offender disclosure scheme (CSOD), it is named after Sarah Payne [what is?], who was murdered [note, not sexual] in 2000 at the age of eight by Roy Whiting, a paedophile [not].

But the new ruling could force a redrafting of the guidelines. Sir John Thomas, one of the judges, ruled that key parts of the Home Office guidelines were “unlawful” and said a “balancing exercise” was needed between sex offenders' human rights to respect for their privacy and family lives on the one hand, and the interests of protecting children [sic] on the other."

Well of course: Even nonces have human rights

[2012] EWHC 2954 (Admin)

Disclosure of sex offender information – new high court judgment

High Court calls for joined-up thinking on disclosure of sex offender information

John Walsh's Legacy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Adam Walsh Act: The Real Failure

"Over the past couple of weeks, the news media has been capitalizing on something that already happened months ago: the rejection of or failure to comply with the Adam Walsh Act by thirty four states. The Adam Walsh Act, or AWA, was the federal government’s attempt at standardizing the sex offender registry in all 50 states. The penalty for a state choosing not to comply with the act was a 10% loss in Byrne Grant funding.

In many recent news articles, the language is indisputably slanted to make it seem as though state governments are “failing to comply,” “rejecting the Act outright” and “not even trying,” – as if there have been no issues with the Act for the states that did decide to adopt it; as if the states that opted out have no sex offender registry or legislation; as if rejection of the Act means those states don’t care about child safety."

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cost Lives

Oct 23 2012

Innocent former Huddersfield Giants star JB speaks about the nightmare allegation of child sex offence

"POLICE investigations against a former Huddersfield Giants star arrested on suspicion of a child sex offence have been dropped.

And now ex-South African international JB has spoken of his relief that police ruled there is no evidence to substantiate the allegation.

The Calderdale man was arrested in July and quizzed by police, but was told last Thursday that no further action would be taken.

J, 41, now a rugby league referee, believes changes need to be made to social networks to prevent such incidents escalating.

J said: “I feel elated and relieved, but I’ve hardly slept the last four months.

“In this day and age and with all the Jimmy Savile stuff crimes against a child, especially sex crimes, are the most hated crime in society. It’s understandable, but what if the person is not guilty like I am?

“With the way social networks run, and being named by The Sun, it’s been a difficult time.”"

We Keep Telling You

23:48 Oct 22 2012


"Tina Nash, who was blinded in a horrific assault by her partner, appeared on the BBC last night, calling for a drastic new law that leads us much further down the road to a police state.

What happened to Tina was terrible.

Shane Jenkin was rightly jailed, and many local people even called for ‘an eye for an eye’.

But the law Tina has been corralled into speaking in support of is terrible too.

And no extreme single act of violence could ever justify the wider social horror that will result from the law Tina is supporting

‘Clare’s Law’ is being sold to the public the same way Sarah (Payne)’s Law [sic] was. Sarah died in the sort of horrific tragedy which happens but once every few dozens of years, and which shocked the entire country.

She was murdered by a lone pederast [sic] psychopath [sic].

But ‘Sarah’s Law’ gave all 61million of us in Britain the right to go to the police about anyone we met, and demand to know about their criminal convictions [not quite, but bad enough].

You can see HERE, by reading the comments, the sort of society that is leading us toward.

‘Clare’s Law’ is many, many times worse, because it drops us all into the nauseous world of the ‘domestic violence industry’.

This toxic ideology, based on the anti-intellectual, bigoted lies of radical feminism, is being used by legislators to justify a system of fascistic control which undermines our democratic rights and responsibilities.

Or to put it more bluntly, it’s making us a police state."

Monday, 22 October 2012

Oh Melanie, Try Not To Be So Stupid And Ignorant, Even For Money

PUBLISHED: 22:50, 21 October 2012 | UPDATED: 08:23, 22 October 2012

Jimmy Savile and how the liberal left encouraged the sexualisation of our children

"The Jimmy Savile scandal is fast escalating into one of the most shocking cases of a sexual predator [sic] that has ever been uncovered.

As the BBC tears itself apart over its role in Savile’s unchecked [sic], five-decade sexual rampage [sic], the scale of his abuse [weasel words] of under-age girls and boys is turning out [sic] to be unimaginably vast.

So the question that’s been voiced from the start — how on earth so many people could have turned a blind eye to so much horror [sic] for so long [it did not happen?] — grows ever louder."

The Scourge Of The ICPC, Begins

Ambassador Giles Paxman at the presentation of the launch of the initiative

A tool to keep foreign child sex offenders at bay

"Institutions here have to enrol with ICPC

India is no stranger to foreign child sex offenders setting up camp and continuing their cases of abuse. In recent history, a rough recollection points to over eight U.K. nationals, not to mention those from other countries, charged with sexually abusing Indian children."

"Several nations, including the United States, U.K. and Australia publish online a list of child sex offenders convicted and their current status. [you see how the problems are created?] The ICPC takes it a step further.

Vidya Reddy of TULIR — Centre for Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse, has said the ICPC certainly goes a long way as a preventive measure but it will have to be met halfway by institutions in this country.

There has to be understanding of the threat posed by travelling sex offenders from this end as well, she noted. A large number of schools and NGOs that encourage foreign volunteers to intern or work with them must involve themselves proactively to screen candidates."

UK sex offenders check launched in Spain to-keep-foreign-child-sex-offenders

War on UK sex offenders

Spanish launch of new international initiative to tackle travelling child sex offenders from the UK

Spain in move to prevent itinerant paedophiles [!!! sic]

Crackdown on UK sex offenders working abroad

UK to help Vietnam keep British sex offenders away from local children


02 December 2013

Child protection training delivered to professionals in Poland for the first time

(Embedded Tweet - click date)

(Embedded Tweet - click date)

Rafting For Votes

Published: 12 hrs ago

We’ll stick GPS tags on paedos [sic]

"Justice supremo's [sic] pledge as The Sun's Justice Campaigners launch fight for victims' rights

A RAFT of measures were promised by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling yesterday after The Sun launched a campaign to help [sic] victims of paedophiles [sic].

He said child offenders [ah] will be forced to wear GPS tags following their release.

Using the same technology as car sat navs, they will show cops exactly where a paedophile [sic] is. Mr Grayling, writing for The Sun [sic] below, also said children will no longer be “ignored” [sic] if they ask for help after attacks.

And he said child protection services, councils and police will work together and share information. [like they do not, now?]


By CHRIS GRAYLING, Justice Secretary

I’VE been absolutely horrified by the Rochdale child sex abuse [weasel word] cases earlier this year and by the more recent revelations about Jimmy Savile [Mr Savile is, presently, innocent]. The sheer numbers [sic] of young people who suffered [sic] at the hands of these predators [sic] is simply shocking.

But it is a tragedy every time a child is abused [weasel word]. It is a tragedy every time a child’s trust is trashed [sic], their vulnerability exploited and they are harmed [sic] by the adults who should be looking after them.

What’s striking about these two horrendous litanies of abuse [Mr Savile is, presently, innocent] is that it seems some victims did try to speak out, but they weren’t listened to, or weren’t taken seriously.

Staff who work on the front line, in child protection services, local authorities and the police have incredibly difficult jobs. We need to make sure all these parts of the system really are joined up, that they share information and that they are trained.

We have to make sure children stop falling through the cracks, ignored when they ask for help. And there are other things we can do to crack down on predators [sic].

Like greater use of state-of-the-art [sic] GPS technology that we’re going to be trialling and rolling out, so that we really would know whether a paedophile [sic] was, for example, hanging around the school gates.

All of this is why I welcome The Sun’s campaign.

Protecting our children must be an absolute priority. [no, Chris, Justice is, or should be]"

PUBLISHED: 12:12, 22 October 2012 | UPDATED: 13:16, 22 October 2012

Paedophiles [sic] will be forced to wear GPS tags to track their movements after release from prison, says Justice minister

"Repeat offenders believed to be of potential risk of harming members of the public, such as child sex offenders, will be forced to wear ankle tags similar to those used to monitor curfews.

The GPS tags will be used in addition to the current system where a person convicted of sexual abuse is put on the Sex Offenders Register through contacting the police within 72 hours of their release from prison.

Convicts must give their name, date of birth, home address and national insurance number as well as details of any vehicles they own.

According to the Home Office, the compliance rate is around 97 per cent. Convicted sex offenders who fail to register with their local police are fined and may face a jail sentence of up to five years.

Professions with responsibility for the wellbeing of children; head teachers, doctors, youth leaders, sports club managers and others, including land lords, are notified of the existence of a local sex offender on a confidential basis.

UK police also use the Violent and Sex Offenders Register (ViSOR) which includes all registered sex offenders, people jailed for more than 12 months for a violent offence but also innocent people with no convictions which are thought to be at risk of offending."



FAO: Mr Chris Grayling - Formal Complaint

"Like greater use of state-of-the-art GPS technology that we’re going to be trialling and rolling out, so that we really would know whether a paedophile was, for example, hanging around the school gates."

Mr Grayling, are you so prejudiced against all those with a disability? 

Please treat this as a formal complaint.




Sunday, 21 October 2012

Both Of You Got Well - Excellent ... In Fact, Miraculous

Published: 11 hrs ago

Fight for child sex victims

"Meet The Sun's new Justice [sic] Campaigners, Dr [not] Sara Payne and Shy Keenan

The Sun's Justice [sic] Campaigners Dr [not] Sara Payne and Shy Keenan

The Sun's Justice [sic] Campaigners ... Dr [not] Sara Payne, left and Shy Keenan

MEET the Sun Justice [sic] Campaigners – our new team to fight for YOUR rights. (yup, I think we have got it]

Each week they will be standing up for victims of crime and helping to make your community a better place to live [sic].

Are you battling to see a wrongdoer jailed? Or fighting to clear your estate of yobs? Then call on us – we’re here to help you [sic] get justice [sic].

Our Chief Justice [sic] Campaigner is Dr [not] Sara Payne MBE, whose daughter, eight-year-old Sarah, was snatched and killed by paedophile [not] Roy Whiting.

Her pioneering [not] work saw the introduction of Sarah’s Law [not], which gives parents information [not] about local paedophiles [not].

Sara will be working with top child protection expert [not] and best-selling [?] author [faction writer] Shy Keenan.

Raped by her step-father from the age of four, Shy was then sold to gangs of sex fiends for just £15.

Her abusers were finally jailed in 2002.

Since then brave [sic] Shy has dedicated her life [sic] to helping [sic] victims of crime and child abuse.

Sara said: “Think of us as your Sun superheroes.”

Send us your request for help or a success story. [yes, go on readers, why not send them some? ... any scurrilous hearsay will do, for The Sun]"

We are taking a year-long advocacy sabbatical … @Thephoenixpost 

The Phoenix Post @ThePhoenixPost 



We are disappointed that we did not get a mention :(

We will be watching your claims, closely, as integrity and honesty require.



Addendum (back-peddling already, some hours later, 13:06)

34m Dr Sara Payne MBE ‏@DrSaraPayneMBE

Victims of crime should always report to the police first, if that doesn't work, then please do contact us -
Retweeted by The Phoenix Post

33m Shy Keenan Shy Keenan ‏@ShyKeenan

Victims of crime should always report to the police first, if that doesn't work, then please do contact us -
Retweeted by The Phoenix Post

Addendum (27/10/12)

Last Updated: 27th October 2012

Fight for child sex victims

"Meet The Sun's new Justice Campaigners, Dr [not] Sara Payne and Shy Keenan"  

Addendum (3/11/12)

Last Updated: 01st November 2012 

Unmask vile trolls and lock them up

"Unfortunately, we both know what it is like to be a victim of trolls.

Since Sara’s eight-year-old daughter Sarah was murdered by paedophile [sic] Roy Whiting, she has been targeted by these individuals in the most terrible way. Sara said: “There are hundreds of horrendous postings about Sarah on the internet.

“I try to avoid looking at them because they are sickening. To have her memory debased in such a horrible, horrible way is horrific.

“When I had a stroke my children had to read comments like, ‘She’s got what she deserved, I hope she hurries up and dies’.

“My children were by my bedside seeing me fighting for my life — then they had these sickening messages to contend with as well.”

Abuse survivor Shy has also been the subject of trolling.

She said: “I’ve had them say things like how I loved all the sex when I was a kid [shall we quote from your book(s)?] and am just bitching about it now because I’m too old and ugly [matter of taste]. Some even say they love downloading the indecent pictures taken of me as a child [never been evidenced] and how it helps them to molest their kids [ditto].”

Both of us have also found it is almost impossible to get trolls to stop, or to take legal action against them.

This has to change.

As Sara said: “I agree everyone has a right to freedom of speech [no you do not] — but not when it directly affects someone else’s mental health [ah, but, you see, that is all relative].”

Trolls are cowards hiding behind a computer. They are sick, offensive weirdos who do not deserve the gift of free speech [says you two and The Sun].

Trolling should become a criminal offence in its own right. At present, the arrest category of “internet trolling” does not exist [it does not need to].

The Communications Act 2003, which governs the internet, email, mobile phone calls and text messaging is sometimes used to catch the worst serial offenders. Under section 127 of the Act, it is an offence to send messages that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character” whether those targeted receive the message or not.

But police seem reluctant to implement the Act.

Only two people were jailed for trolling [none have been, as you said] last year [so they are not reluctant, then].

We believe if trolling was a criminal offence it would be easier for police to arrest offenders [you really are precious].

Police should have the power to force internet providers to hand over the details of trolls and Facebook and Twitter should be made to take down any troll comments. [maybe we should just let the police control the Internet, totally, yes?]

In Arizona, they are currently considering a bill which would see trolls jailed for 25 years. [almost 100% unlikely to happen, as they do respect free speech]

When you read about the heartbreak of the families of April Jones, Madeleine McCann and Ben Needham — all victims of trolls — how can anyone not argue that, at the very least, these ghouls should be charged and banned from the internet?" [oh, because it is a fundamental human and civil right to offend people, particularly charlatans and/or professional victims, et al?]



Do you think we should post a few things, from our archives, about your hateful trolling, in the past? - maybe later.


Addendum (4/11/12)

Comp ban for children abused at home must change now

Addendum (11/11/12)

I know April’s family are still going through absolute hell, they need help

Addendum (18/11/12)

Police must probe ACTIVE child abusers, not just those that are dead

Addendum (18/11/12)

Bread bin the ad, Kingsmill

Addendum (27/11/12) 

You don’t need to be a soldier to suffer from the dark, heavy weight of PTSD

 Addendum (2/12/12)

Stalking law long overdue

 Addendum (4/12/12)

Dr [not] Sara Payne: Free Press can be a bastion of hope [cash] for victims

Addendum (9/12/12)

I had to fight 127 smears

Addendum (16/12/12)

Racist yobs ruin my life

Addendum (4/1/13)

Shame on The Guardian for giving paedo a voice 

Addendum (7/1/13)

Christmas credit has ruined my New Year

Addendum (14/1/13)

Savile shows people value cash over kids

Addendum (20/1/13)

It’s time to close the web on perverts — by restricting net use

Addendum (25/1/13)

‘We need to know the true picture’

Addendum (27/1/13)

It’s your job to keep kids safe on the net

Bitter tweet

Addendum (10/2/13)

Inhuman rights 

Monster slipped through the net

Addendum (21/2/13)

Stop porn on the net corrupting adolescents’ idea of sex

Addendum (24/2/13)

Stepdad abused me from age of 13

Addendum (3/3/13)

A stalker made my life hell... but justice system made it worse

Addendum (7/3/13)

Abuse cases review to stop Savile No2

Addendum (10/3/13)

Paedo free to prowl

What was the judge thinking?

Addendum (25/3/13)

I want to make sure all crime victims get the brilliant support we had after Ben’s murder

Addendum (5/4/13)

Stop child torment

Shy Keenan's anti-bullying campaign

Addendum (12/5/13)

Cops ‘fixed it for Jim’

Blind prejudice

Addendum (13/5/13)

Kids aren't even safe at home now because of social networking

Addendum (16/5/13)

I was taken to party I mean everyone having sex with me. I was crying but they continued

Addendum (19/5/13)

Even driver bullied our son on the school bus

Addendum (2/6/13)

Google must pay taxes to fund internet police and rid web of child abuse... April deserves that

Addendum (4/7/13)

Bulger killer's secret release 


Addendum (12/7/13)

Sun Justice campaigner wants to hear from YOU